RUN: The Strand

After work I debited to run 8 miles to make up for only running the 10K race on Saturday. When I got to the 4.5 mile I could see in the distance the road that connects Imperial Beach to Coronado Island. We call this road the strand to I decided that I would run to the strand. Once at the strand I ran back to my house on the main road. The run ended up being 10.20 miles/16.4Km I did it in 1:50:14 with an Avg Pace of 10:48/mile.

Not the best times but it was 10 miles and with hills so it was acceptable. Now that I have a 10 mile route I can work on bring my times up.


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2 Responses to RUN: The Strand

  1. runrodrun says:

    It’s not the most common race distance, but I do love 10 mile runs.

    • usabaker says:

      Yeah, its an ‘In BetweenEEER’ 🙂 I’ve yet to run the Half Marathon distance of 13.2 miles its still a little intimidating. Maybe next weekend I’ll tempt fate…. Bwahahahahaha

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