The 70’s: A night in Chinatown

As if walking down the ally wasn’t bad enough, it was dark and this was Chinatown. It was 11:30’ish, not the best time to be walking alone, at least not in Chinatown.

I had just left Victors apartment on Stockton Street and was making my way to the night club at the foot of Grant where the rest of the Cookie Boys were hanging out. I had this nagging feeling I was being watched, followed maybe a better word… It’s hard to know because even though it was late there were lots of people milling about, but you gain this 6th sense growing up in the streets, some things you don’t ignore.

I zigzagged my way though some people and darted across the street almost getting hit by a Datsun of some sort. I quickly darted in to the ally that connected two parallel streets. A third way down the ally I stepped into the shadows and watched the ally opening where I had just past, hoping that no one had followed.

No such luck, three figures soon breached the ally; even in the dim light I could see they were Wah Ching. I did the only thing I could do; I ran, “Stop muther fucker.. Bang Bang! “

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2 Responses to The 70’s: A night in Chinatown

  1. runrodrun says:

    You’ve certainly created a very well-written, exceptionally vivid scene. I hope it wasn’t a true-life experience for you!

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