Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
Today you would have been 84 years old, you would still be smiling, laughing and writing stories to the Coeur d’Alene Press.  You and I would still talk on the phone living over and over the adventures we had together and how much you love your grandkids and my wife Janet.

But we can’t do that; at least not on the phone or even though letters our communication is now only though our love eternal and memories. I still hear you in my mind talking; I’ve not forgotten what your voice sounds like and can still see your face smiling. I pray that I’ll never forget. Still, I long to hear you Dad; to stand with you even in that silly cowboy hat you like to ware.

You’re still with me in my heart Dad, and I’m thankful for that, but still it’s not the same… I miss you.

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you,


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4 Responses to Dear Dad

  1. Chuck Kolb says:

    I like your letter. My dad, too, would be about that age.
    You mentioned CDA in your letter. I just recently lived there for two years. Loved it.


  2. His final resting spot looks very peaceful.

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