Still Down and Out! this sucks soooo bad….

It’s been officially seven day since I’ve not been able to run. It’s getting really depressing and I’m starting to feel like I’m gaining weight; I know it’s all in my head but still. The the past seven days have been nice, warm with a cool breeze perfect California running weather.

I attempted to run today but stopped just as fast as I started.  I could feel the pain in my lower back with each step warn me that I was not healed. I now know that it was a very stupid idea to have tried to keep running after I injured my back that Saturday at the estuary. Dang I hate getting old! I need to RUN!!!!!!!!

On a lighter note I did pick up two new pairs of running shoes last weekend. Couldn’t pass them up! Just in time too, my other pair has just over 200 miles on them so its time to start breaking in another pair before my trip to the Philippines.

shoesI’m typing this on the new HP Stream Notebook computer I bought. I was able to buy it on line for $153.00 rather than the $199.99 regular price (plus no shipping or tax) but there was a catch, I could only get it in Pink, well officially it’s Magenta. My wife was laughing, as well as most who visit and find out its mine.  What can I say except I’m cheap, so I’ve embraced my feminine side when it comes to computer style. I got it just for bogging and traversing the net. I wanted something that was small and light, something that I could toss in a backpack. This does the trick at less then 3 pounds it makes portability pretty easy and it has real good battery life too! I’m going to have to make a solar adapter for it though so I can charge it on when we are out in the wilderness and on one of the remote islands in the Philippines we plan to camp at.HP_Stream

How long must I wait to run! I’m totally aggravated and feeling antsy ughhhhh.

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14 Responses to Still Down and Out! this sucks soooo bad….

  1. my26pointtwo says:

    Don’t let being out of the game get you down, recover once and recover properly. You will soon be back out there. I have a stream also. Great little laptop, although I am now slightly jealous I could only get mine in silver 😉.

    • usabaker says:

      I was surprised how well the stream runs. I was going to buy a Crome but happy now I didn’t. Just wish I didn’t have windows 8. That’s for the words of encouragement :). Bill

  2. Get well soon! I’m having a bit of trouble myself, with my achilles tendon, and I’m only 5 weeks out from my race. So I feel some of your pain, so to speak!

  3. Jane Likes to Run says:

    Lol! That computer is awesome! I so love that it’s pink!

  4. runrodrun says:

    The fact that you’re likely reading this on that pretty pink computer tickles me Bill 😊

    Of course I say this knowing full well that my own laptop is at this very moment in the shop being valiantly resuscitated by a geek from geek squad. The hapless victim of a single squished black grape — my laptop not the geek squad specialist. Seriously that’s all it took!

    All kidding aside though Bill, the fact that you could even consider running after being immobilized shows me just how far your healing has already come. I know it’s frustrating but hang in there my friend. It won’t be much longer now 😃

    • usabaker says:

      Rod, I learned from my calf injury to not try and run too soon. I put me out of commission for along time because I kept reinjuring it. You know my biggest fear is going without running for so long that I stop running altogether; sometimes its easier to find an excuse not to run then it is to put on your running shoes. Scares the crap out of me that I might loose the desire to run…. :/

      Why are you squishing grapes in you laptop? did you mistake to for a grape press ? attempting to my a fine wine? Grape color and pink go well together perhaps I should lend you my laptop.

  5. pauldburton says:

    Just take it slowly and keep invested in running. Read about it. Learn about new techniques. Channel the missing running time into running education and be better armed (legged?) when you return to the sport. You’re still a runner if you think like a runner!

    • usabaker says:

      Paul, thanks for the advice! Reading has been my mainstay. Funning I had a dream last night I was trying to run a 5K with one of our east coast executives but I was running in my dress shoes LOL

  6. pauldburton says:

    Oh, and pink? It’s not even camo pink. You many be able to get film wraps for it to make it less garish.

  7. runsonsyrup says:

    I’m so sorry you’re injured, and hope you heal up soon. Glad to see you have a pretty computer to look at in the meantime 😉

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