slow 5K, But I RAN!!

image1So I decided to see how my back would do by running 5K today. It was a slow, tough 5k it’s amazing how out of shape you can get in just eight days. Maybe it’s because I’m older now so my body doesn’t bounce back as fast. But whatever, I’ll take it!  My back feels fine so I think I’ll push for 5miles tomorrow.

Ended up with 3.28miles in 31:16 avg pace of 9:32/mile

After my run I decided to celebrate by BBQ’ing two large Ahi Steaks for dinner my wife is steaming some Broccoli as our vegetable. I’m happy 🙂 I can run!

Ahi Steaks

Ahi Steaks

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17 Responses to slow 5K, But I RAN!!

  1. my26pointtwo says:

    Excellent news. Just take it easy for the first few runs. Find your feet before you push. Any fitness that has left you in 8 days will be back in half of that! Great 5k.

    • usabaker says:

      I sure hope I’m back in half the time. I’m leaving for the Philippines end of this month so I need to be 100% so I can not only run but deal with the humidity there. This time of year is their summer so it’s going to be hot hot hot and humid humid humid. Thanks for you help over these months!

      • my26pointtwo says:

        Anytime! Encouraging other runners and getting some encouragement back is one of the best things about this whole blogging malarkey. The Philippines sounds like a wonderful place to spend some time. Hot hot hot would be just fine by me!

      • usabaker says:

        You are welcome to come with us ! And just as I offered Rod once we bulid our house their you are welcome to use it; we don’t intend to live there for at least 10 years from now so it will be just vacation property.

      • my26pointtwo says:

        A very kind offer in both respects. Maybe one day, who knows! I have a feeling I will be heading closer to home for the next few years though, Disneyland Paris this summer or next depending on how tall my girls get over the next couple of months and then they have their eye on the big prize. Disneyworld! – I can already feel my wallet crying from here.

      • usabaker says:

        Lol my wallet is crying and I’ve not left yet!

  2. runrodrun says:

    Congrats Bill! An excellent comeback! I know you’re anxious to get back out there but go easy for a bit. Let your body get used to running again. There’s plenty of time and no need to rush. 😃

    • usabaker says:

      Thanks Rod, I’m not going to over do it learned my lesson from the last injury. I’ll keep my pace down and runs short for now and work my way back up. I’ve got two weeks before the Philippines so I should be 100% by then; fingers crossed. You have a 10k today right?

      • runrodrun says:

        How amazing will it be to run in the Philippines! Have you done it before? I’ve only been once, at the age of 3, so I can’t really say I have.

        Yes just got back from the race and cool down run 😃. Went well. My 2nd 5km was faster than my current 5km PB!

      • usabaker says:

        Cool Running!! I’ve never run in the Philippines I found a 10k in Cebu I’ll try and join I keep sending messages to them but get no response. But I will be doing my regular runs and will be posting them on the blog. You should visit the Philippines! Hey we are going to bulid a house on my moms land in Bohol so once it’s build you are welcome to use it. Bohol is a really nice island
        Or you can come with us next time 🙂

      • runrodrun says:

        Thank you for such a kind and generous offer Bill! Bohol certainly looks beautiful. I may take you up on that offer one day!

        Can’t wait to see your running travelogue of the islands 🌴

        Hope Cebu works out too 😃

  3. gpcox says:

    Congrats, I admire your stamina.

  4. Happy to read that you were able to go running!

  5. pauldburton says:

    Nice work. Keep taking it easy and build up slowly.

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