Back up to SIX

So it’s been a slow road but I’m back up to six miles on my runs. Feels good to be chasing my shadow on a long run again. On Wednesday or Thursday this week I will be posting my first run from the Philippines.  Not that I want to go, but I take solace in the fact that that NOT everyone is going with us this time. Just me, my wife and little boy; the rest of the people in the house will remain home 🙂 which mean much less money and stress will carved from our beings on this trip and we will have an opportunity to enjoy ourselves this time around.  That is one the business part of this trip is taken care of.

Well I was able to pull of a 6.54mile run in 1:04:13 with an avg. pace of 9:49 /mile


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2 Responses to Back up to SIX

  1. aburrow76 says:

    Love your running posts. Very motivating. Trying myself to get back to it again! All the power and luck to you! Keep running!

    • usabaker says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog! The fastest way to get out there running is just to start! Once you do one run you will be re-hooked. I only wish I had re-discovered running along time ago; running to me is my “ME” time and helps me in living longer for my kids and wife 🙂 HEY YOU GOT THIS, now get out there and RUN!

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