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Philippines: Bohol, Loboc ECO Adventure Park

Across the river from the Loboc River Cruse is the Loboc ECO Adventure Park. Why its called an adventure park is beyond me because the only thing I saw there was a zip line and cable car.  Never the less … Continue reading

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BLOG Reading: Caught Up – I think.

I’ve not really been blogging for almost a month now and along with getting sick on my vacation the connection I had in the Philippines was pathetic at best. I had a hard time reading blogs. Yesterday I’m sure the … Continue reading

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Philippines: Bohol, Loboc River

The Loboc river lunch cruse is one of places I tend to visit each time I visit Bohol. It’s is truly a ‘touristy’ destination and although I tend to avoid the tourist spots, this is one place I really don’t … Continue reading

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2015 Memorial Day EOD Warriors 5K Run

Wow that was painful!  But before I get in to that I want to write about the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) guys. I am in total awe of these guys! After the 5K and 1K kid’s race these guys did … Continue reading

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Philippines: Family

I’ve not attended to my BLOG over the past few weeks as I spent most this trip in the Philippines sick; After being hit with food poisoning, I ended up with a relapse complicated with dehydration. Today is the second … Continue reading

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Philippines Running: Barangay Run

I’ve not posted in awhile because of drinking the water. Yes, the one thing we are told all of our life not to do when traveling. I was warned by my nephew, but still drank it because the waiter assured … Continue reading

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Philippines Running: Calape, Bohol! – Santa Cruz and San Isidro

Welcome to Bohol! After two days, we finely made it out of Manila arriving in Bohol at 6:30AM. Our good friends with whom we will be staying with met us at the airport and 1 hour later we are in … Continue reading

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Philippines – Pasay City Run

Having missed our flight from Manila to Bohol however, did provide the perfect opportunity to do my first run in the Philippines and to be honest, a run I would likely not repeat. But I couldn’t contain myself, I NEEDED … Continue reading

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