BLOG Reading: Caught Up – I think.

I’ve not really been blogging for almost a month now and along with getting sick on my vacation the connection I had in the Philippines was pathetic at best. I had a hard time reading blogs. Yesterday I’m sure the bloggers who I read regularly were flooded with ‘likes’ from me as I attempted to read all their blog entries from the past 29 days or so.

All of you have done a great deal in the time I’ve been missing and I really enjoyed spending my Saturday (while watching my grand daughter) reading up on the happenings in everyone’s life adventure.

Tall the blogger out there thank you for sharing a small part of your live and for supporting me as I traverse mine.


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3 Responses to BLOG Reading: Caught Up – I think.

  1. pauldburton says:

    Indeed… There were many likes but it is always good to get them. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing a little window into life and running in your parts of the world! I’ve always maintained that my blog is really a repository for memories of my running journey that I will hopefully look back on fondly in later years. I am blown away that others would even bother reading it, so thank you too for taking an interest!

  3. GP Cox says:

    I never seem to get caught up!!

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