Running Reboot

I learned, the hard way, from the EOD Warriors 5K run that running to hard to soon will end up causing allot of problems.  After returning from my trip in the Philippines, where I had gotten extremely ill for two weeks, I had to run the 5K; I had not run for 19 days and was ‘sorely’ out of shape (pun intended) I paid for pushing myself ended up with sore leg muscles and a raw dry throat that would keep me from running another 5 days.

So I decided to do what I call a Running Reboot  to get my body back in shape. On Sunday I started my reboot which consists of running 5K at a 9 to 10 minute pace for the next seven days to get my mind and body back into rhythm and shape as well as to give my body a chance to (re)acclimate to the California climate.

Today was my second day running 5k and as much as my mind kept telling me to run faster and further I resisted and am keeping to my plan. It’s getting boring though just after two days, the runs seem too short and unfulfilling.

Just four more days…..

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2 Responses to Running Reboot

  1. runrodrun says:

    I hear you. And I think you’re doing the right thing Bill!

    I’m actually taking this week to do my own reboot of sorts. Dropping my mileage this week just to catch my breath and refresh my mind and body.

    • usabaker says:

      I’ve been keeping with it. Its interesting to see just how much the GPS on my iPhone varies out of four runs so far only two show the same distance and I’ve run the exact same route each time. Whatever the case though at least I will have a baseline to work from going forward. Hope your reboot is going as well as mine 🙂

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