Joggin’ for FROGMEN 5K

There is a Joggin’ for FROGMEN 5K coming up in July 25th that I was thinking about joining, all proceeds benefit The 31Heroes Project, Navy SEAL Foundation, and Travis Manion Foundation. I noticed that the kids run, which is important to me because of my son’s interest in running now, is only for 6 and below.

I wrote an email and asked if there will be a kids run for kids 7 and up; and if no would I be able to carry my 8 year old on my back for parts of the 5K. I asked because I’m thinking that 5K is a little soon for my 8 year old since this would only be his second race. When they responded I was told that kids age 7 and up will have to run in the 5k and If he’s being chip timed, they ask that he run/walk the entire race himself. I was actually surprised by the response because they are asking the people running to run in boots, military style boots.

I guess I can understand that they wouldn’t want him to be chipped timed because he run time would not really be accurate but if he’s on my back I don’t think we would be placing times that would threaten anyone’s PR. This would be the 2nd’ run he’s ever been in and didn’t want it to be so hard for him that he loses interest in running. Waiting to see if he would still get a finishers medal if he wasn’t chip timed.  I really want to support this run even though I would not be running for time since I would be pacing my 8 year old so maybe I’ll just enter both of us an untimed entries. I don’t think there is a difference in price between times and untimed but it doesn’t matter it’s for a great cause.

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3 Responses to Joggin’ for FROGMEN 5K

  1. runrodrun says:

    Oh that’s a rough call. I guess the organizers just don’t have the resources to have a race that is more appropriate for your son 😔

    My 2cents .. You both enter as timed entrants. Do this together every step of the way. Forget about speed. Run for a bit. Walk for a bit. Whatever it takes and whatever feels good. Just have fun bonding and grab those finisher’s medal standings. You’ll both have earned them 😃

    • usabaker says:

      Hi Rod yeah me and my son had a talk about it and he doesn’t want me to carry him he wants to try and finish the race on his own 🙂 he said Dad I can just run till I can’t then walk until I can run again. So again he surprises me. There is a conflict though just found out we might be on a hike on that date but the hike is not for sure yet we don’t know if we can afford the Bear Canister we will need. I’m actually hoping we can’t coz id rather run lol

  2. I second Rod’s comment… was going to type the exact same thing. Pure guess, but I reckon he’d like it better crossing the finish line with you by his side, fast or slow, as opposed to being on your back. That way he can say he achieved something on his own two feet, but your part of just being there and encouraging him along every step of the way will almost be as good as that piggy back you wanted to give him. Hope you guys have fun, hike or run!

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