Running: Baseline

I completed the running reboot I started on Sunday May 31 last Saturday June 6. The object was to just run  5K at a 9 to 10 minute pace for the next seven days to get my mind and body back into rhythm and shape. How fast I ran was something that I tried to ignore I just wanted to run at a pace my body felt good at.

I tracked my runs using the iSmoothrun app on my iPhone 4S and it was interesting data not only not only the times and cadence I ran but how inaccurate the GPS is on the iPhone 4S.  Even though the GPS was inaccurate I can still use all the data except for Thursday’s data which was really bad. I ran the same route everyday and only two of those days did the miles line up.

DAY DATE Distance Duration AVG. PACE CADENCE Notes:
Sun 05/31 34:25 3.34 Miles 10:19 76
Mon 06/01 35:33 3.48 Miles 10:13 75
Tue 06/02 33.54 3.48 Miles 09:45 77
Wed 06/03 33.58 3.43 Miles 09:54 77
Thu 06/04 35.18 3.82 Miles 09:14 77 Bad Data: iPhone GPS Invalid
Fri 06/05 33.38 3.55 Miles 09:29 78
Sat 06/06 34.39 3.50 Miles 09:55 78

So now I have a baseline from which I will try and improve. I solved the GPS problem (maybe) by picking up a used iPhone 5 (which I have yet to test) as I write this I’m backing my 4S up using iTunes and will be restoring the back up to the 5 in as soon as its done.

I’m retuning back to my every other day running schedule but plan to start pushing myself.  From the baseline my average cadence was 77, the iSmoothrun app has a metronome feature and allows me to set my cadence. When running if I have the  metronome set say to a cadence of 78 anytime I drop below that the tic tic tic of the metronome would sound alerting me that I’m below the cadence threshold I set.

I actually did my first run doing this yesterday with the cadence set at 78. It worked like charm and man I’ll tell you the run even at my average cadence was a vast improvement and healthy run. I ran 3.44 miles in 31:37 minutes with at an average pace of 9:12/mile. That was 3minutes 11 seconds faster at pace 0.57 seconds better the average I performed in my reboot.

My plan is to run every other day; alternating between 3+ miles with my metronome set at 78 followed by a long run  of >7 miles without the metronome.  Lets see how it goes….

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