10 mile Run – aka – Bike Riders, Teams and Club People Should Not Wear Spandex

On Tuesday June 30, seems so long ago, I ran 10:09miles (16K) and I was feeling good; it was a happy run until a bike club decided that they should zip past me within 3 inches of my body. Had I jumped from being startled I would have undoubtedly crashed in the riders who followed the lead bike. They seemed upset when I yelled, Holy Crap! Stupid Pricks! In rapid succession upon being started. One turned and yelled back F#@K YOU!
100_0118It’s not like the path I was on a narrow path and they had no choice but to draft me from their paceline. No this path is over 6 foot wide and I was as far over to the right as anyone can be. But this is not the first time that this has happened. It seems to happen often on this route and is one of the reasons I call this particular section of my run ‘The Gauntlet’ a place where bike riders, groups/clubs being the worse, are in considerate…. well pricks I feel is the correct term.

In California they lobbied to have a law passed that a car must give at least 3 foot clearance between the bike rider and the car, yet these riders don’t feel its necessary or an obligation to extend that courtesy to people walking and running.

I really don’t l know what their problem is; I think it maybe be the Spandex. Perhaps the combination of the Spandex and tiny bike seat is crushing their balls and causing brain damage. Could be the bikes seats gradual ascent into their anus is causing a back pressure, reducing the blood flow to their brain. I can’t think of another reason for what looks to be a universal behavior by men’s bicycle clubs/teams. The only other reason this can be is because their mothers and fathers failure to teach them manners and courtesy which of course brings me back to my original observation they are ‘pricks’.

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5 Responses to 10 mile Run – aka – Bike Riders, Teams and Club People Should Not Wear Spandex

  1. my26pointtwo says:

    Ha – brilliant. I am so glad to know it isn’t just me who reacts like this. Just smile and run on my friend!

  2. pauldburton says:

    Can I apologise for those cyclists? As a rider myself I feel I should. What they do is wrong and should be trained out of them. Perhaps we need to introduce a national registration program for responsible riders with license plates displayed. That way people could at least be reported…

    • usabaker says:

      Paul I suppose I should apologize for generalizing. I know very well that not all bike riders fit into my post. For the most part Southern Californians are just plain rude, and that at least is not a generalization, I’ve lived up and down the coast most of my life (except for my military time) Canadians on the other hand are wonderful people, even in the city’s. So the California rudeness is just amplified on a bike;

  3. runrodrun says:

    It really is a shame. A friend of mine who is a triathlete was telling the story of a griloup of cyclists who surrounded her car at a red light and, unprovoked, banged on the roof of her car and yelled “Race On!” when the light turned green.

    My friend was stunned and outraged and then really pissed when she recognized that a handful of the morons were actually from her very own cycling club.

    I think she’s reporting them.

    Glad you’re ok. And like Paul shows, there are obviously courteous cyclists out there too 😃

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