Clean Runner

 My wife still laughs at me  when I wash my running cloths. Maybe its the Filipino in me, maybe I’m cheap or maybe I feel it’s a waste to run a washer and dryer just for a few running shirts, shorts and socks.

Honest truth is maybe I’m cheap I hate to buy running cloths, they cost so much and I’ve yet to find a company that is willing to sponcer a slow running old man. I wash all my cloths every weekend by hand in woollite.  I read that machine washing with regular detergents like Tide and Fabric softener severely shorten the life of your sports ware. I really don’t mind hand washing though it’s a kind of therapy nam-yo-ho-renga-Keo…..

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6 Responses to Clean Runner

  1. That’s awesome! Hey, do what works for you.

  2. pauldburton says:

    Add a little bit of white vinegar to kill any lingering aromas. Works like a charm.

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