The Morning Tension and Running Roll Up.

I’m one of these people who like to wake up in a peaceful environment. I’ve been in, heard and seen enough in my life to never desire to see, hear or experience more.

I like to wake to a peaceful morning, I like the quite times when its early and most people have not risen from their slumbers. I like to make some coffee and go sit in the front or back of my house taking in the cool, fresh morning air. The peaceful stillness as the day awakes and birds beginning to forage for their morning meal. Sipping hot coffee and just looking.

These past weeks I’ve yet to find this solitude; rather all I get to hear is my neighbors yelling and belittling each other sometime between the unmarried couple, sometimes one or the other adult yelling at the kids, sometimes kids yelling at kids – always though no matter who is on who, the yelling and load voices are rude, belittling and condescending.

I would rather have to listen to the loud speakers blaring “Adhaan” then listen to perpetual squabbling of my neighbors. Seeing how I could go my whole lif without ever hearing Adhaan again that’s saying allot.

So rather then sit outside in the cool morning air drinking my coffee, I sit here in my living room writing a blog entry. And although I can still hear the yelling though the closed double pane windows of house, I am at least insulated from the harshness.

I would have loved to just go running this morning; a trail run would have provided the solitude I need but for the past three days my right leg calf has been really tight. Worse today after my nine mile run last night. No amount of rolling, stretching or rubbing seems to help. My wife massaged it awhile we watched TV yesterday, but I think it need a professional masseuse for it.  It’s as hard as a rock and sometimes cramps really bad.

Didn’t really have a good running week;

07/26 – 3.35 miles/5.4Km in 34:23 minutes – 10:16 /mile pace
07/29 – 3.33 miles/5.4Km in 34:12 minutes – 10:16 /mile pace
07/31 – 6.07 miles/9.8Km in 1:05:34 minutes – 10:48 /mile pace
08/01 – 9.04 miles/14.5Km in 1:37:23 minutes – 10:46 /mile pace

I notice my speed really took a hit! I’m over a minute slower since I have started my training for the Disney Dopey Challenge run. Did really poor for the month only did 57.77Miles/93Km I normally get in at least 80Miles/128Km per month.

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9 Responses to The Morning Tension and Running Roll Up.

  1. icimage says:

    Oh my God, I can so relate to that! My husband an I love it quiet, so quiet that our TV volume is set between 1 and 4. And we used to have neighbors who screaming and yelling all the time, being it night or day. It got so bad that we were forced to move, because our landlords refused to do anything about it. And there is nothing worse than some unwelcome noise ruining your morning coffee… Hope your leg heals soon and you can go back to enjoying both your mornings and your runs!

    • usabaker says:

      Yeah it’s horrible to wake up to yelling kinda of sets the tone for the whole day. My calf hurts but only because its tight, I’m sort of stubborn so it really doesn’t stop me from running; I was planning on running 13 miles today but decided that I should let it rest – sort of – just gat back from a 2 mile walk with my wife and son. If I can get it to loosen up I’ll do a 3 to 5 miler. If not there’s always tomorrow 🙂 Oh by the way, if you like the low cut socks you might want to check out some Nike Dry-Fit or Injini socks; both have a low cut version where the back side of the sock extends up past the top of the shoe. you guys take care and keep getting that run on!

    • usabaker says:

      Ops sorry about the sock comment for some reason I thought you were another blogger, I think it was you mentioned your husband 😛

  2. Stacy says:

    Me too. I like being the first one up so I can get my quiet time in before the world wakes up. I think dawn is the very best time of all. Hoping you find some peace out there!

  3. My For Real Life says:

    I just read the first sentence and laughed. Having two small kids never allows me to do this. Usually the older one is tapping me saying he is hungry until I wake up. He will climb in bed and squish me until I go crazy. Then the baby eventually wakes up, talking to himself in his crib. In fact, that’s what’s happening now. BUT we don’t yell and I am sorry that your neighbors are rude like that! Mornings really set the tone for the day.

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