Running and locking joints

Todays run, although still slow, was much better then Tuesdays run. It was pretty much the same route extended by 2 miles and some change. 8.38miles/13.4 Km in 01:33:00 at and avg pace of 11:06 (420 ft climb) 0:32 second better avg pace then Tuesday.

No whining today, it was a good run for the most part even though there was a little humidity and sun, there were clouds in the sky that would cover the sun every so often so I would get a break from the suns piercing rays. I only almost got run over twice as well, which is also good; even avoided three fresh dog poo piles, well two and a gooey one.

I did have some problems; at mile 7 I started getting hunger pains and then at about 1/8 mile after the huge hill climb my joints seemed to want to lock up, mostly my ankles but I felt it in my knees, back and elbows too. I was the strangest thing to happen to me yet and I’ve no clue what that was all about.  I still ran though the pain in sort of a hobbling run; near the end or close to the 8 mile mark it seemed to let up a little and I was able to finish strong. Maybe I got an adrenalin  boost knowing I was running up on the end of the run; don’t know but I seems okay now nothing hurts – weird right?

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3 Responses to Running and locking joints

  1. Do you take a multi vitamin? Maybe something in your system ran out? (magnesium or potassium?)

    • usabaker says:

      Yup sure do and other supplements. I was thinking the same thing maybe I didn’t eat enough that day.

      • You’re an experienced runner, so it had to be something like food and one of the nutrients ran out. You have not said that this has happened before, so unless it becomes a regular thing, chaulk it up to nutrients.

        Any marathons coming up for you?

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