First Ever 16 Mile Run

Ran my first ever 16.25 miles / 26.1Km in 2:59:48 at an avg pace of 11:04/mile. And I learned the following;

  1. I was actually able to run it without stopping or walking.
  2. That’s a long way to run!
  3. GEL Packs really do help.
  4. 20oz of water isn’t nearly enough; I’ll need a 2nd container when I run this distance.
  5. GEL Packs make you want to gag and you need lots of water to wash them down.
  6. California Bike Riders are going to be rude.
  7. If you still have 2 miles to go to get home after running the 16 miles; keep running because when you stop its hard to walk.
  8. Ice packs are your friend
  9. If there is a bike race on the same route you are running, consider changing your route. See #6.

16milerunI ended up starting my run at 5:45AM it was just getting light and it was overcast. Its was so beautiful in the morning, it was Sunday I was pretty much alone for the first hour; just the occasional runner passing by.  About an hour into my run hundred of bikes started zipping past me in the opposite direction. But of course they wanted to ride on both sides of the path even though its clearly marked with the direction of travel by painted arrows on the pathway.  A number of them found some sort of joy racing past me within inches. I tried not to let it bother me too much.

When I got to the 9 mile mark I tuned around and went back the other direction. This was an out and back route. I miss calculated my distance and so ending up having to hobble the two miles home after I reached my 16 mile goal. Had I know how much it was going to hurt when I stopped running I would have elected to run the additional 2 miles home and mad my run an 18 mile run vice a 16 mile run. Oh well I know better for next time and Oh one more thing;


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8 Responses to First Ever 16 Mile Run

  1. runrodrun says:

    Congrats Bill! Well done 👍🏽

    I love a cool down walk after my training runs. But prefer them to be under 1/2 a kilometre (1/3 of a mile) 😃

    • usabaker says:

      Yeah I do about the same distance as you on my cool down. My ankles were hurting when I walked otherwise it would be okay. Normally I run door to door but I ran out to 9 miles rather then turning around at 8 so that put me far from home. Thanks – it’s you and the other bloggers here who have been my encouragement 😃

  2. s20steve says:

    Well done Bill 🙂

  3. andrzej says:

    Well done Bill, really impressive.

  4. pauldburton says:

    Good result. If you need extra water, one policy is to plan your route to go via water fountains. This is what I do so I can refill a couple of times… Even if the bottle isn’t empty I top it up.
    Another way is to use your car as a base and have a couple of bottles lined up by one of the wheels for easy swapping on the move… But sometimes the temptation to stop can be too great.
    Another approach is to hide a standard (disposable) bottle at the halfway point and do a refill but this takes a level of preparation that I’ve not managed to achieve yet!

  5. usabaker says:

    Hi Paul I can’t think of a place near my house where there arr water fountains on the running route. Have you used a camel back? I’ve not met any serious runners that use then in everyday or training runs. I guess a liter or two would add allot of weight. It would be cool if I could put some water bottles along my route but with my luck i’d get a ticket for littering LOL

    Since my long route is an out and back run I could drop a 6oz water bottle off on my way out at the 6 miles point and then retrieve it on the way back. Hmmmm

    I got a real bad headache after my 16 mile run and I think its because I didn’t hydrate enough during the run so I’ve also got to figure out how much water I should be taking in base on weather and running conditions during my runs. When I was dehydrated (from sickness) in the Philippines it was no fun at all. Thank for the ideas and thoughts

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