10 Mile/16 Km Protein Run

I decided that I would run a -slow- 10 mile (16 Km) today and follow with a 13.1 mile (20 Km) Sunday. I want to see how my body will do performing two long runs back to back.

I guess I want to find out what kind of aches and pains I will have so I know what I need to work on as I train for the Disney Dopey run I have in January.

I ran my normal out and back back route that goes out along Silver Strand. I wish I had brought my camera this morning because the early morning view was spectacular. That magic moment when the sun is not quite up yet, the air is still and a faint mist or fog hangs above the small fingers of the estuary water shed. From a distance, the green of the plant life reminded me of the rice fields in the Philippines.

White Egret’s slowly traversed the water ways on stilt like legs looking for their morning meal; not bothered by the slapping of my feet or movement of my body as I passed.

As I neared the strand, slight breeze carried the smell of the ocean over the dunes.  I was alone for the most part except for a random biker that would happen by. A beautiful morning, a serene morning. It felt great to be alive.

As I neared the 4.5 mile mark, the sun broke over the mountains pouring rays of morning light across the cool waters of the bay; sun rays that played in the gentle ripples calling nature to awake from its slumbers.  At 5.3 miles, I tuned back to run from whence I came; the sun a little higher in the sky warmed my skin as it did my surroundings.

Rabbits bolt into the brush as I passed and lizards crawled out onto the black top of the path to warm their cold blooded bodies; still too cold to run from me as I passed them. The bugs too were awake; flying insects bunched like tiny herds cross my path. It’s then one finds its way into my mouth and partially  down my throat; I gag and hack in an effort to expel the intruder; I’ve no idea what it was that now resided in the mucus of my mouth, I relented and drank from my water bottle condemning the intruder to my belly where inevitable it would become protein to feed my muscles.

10.18 miles in 1:56:37 Minutes at and Avg Pace of 11:28/mile.

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8 Responses to 10 Mile/16 Km Protein Run

  1. That sounds amazing. What a great experience!

  2. runrodrun says:

    Great run and write-up Bill! I appreciate how you slipped into poetic prose in the middle there. You’ve added an artistic element to the run report 👍🏽

  3. pauldburton says:

    A very different vibe to this one. 🙂

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