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The Art of Running Without Running

Well not really, just heard Bruce Lee’s voice running though my head when I wrote the title; “The Art of Fighting without Fighting” was the exact quote I think. Really, just didn’t know what to title this post because I’ve … Continue reading

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The Not So Broken Runner

I did as most of you suggested, I avoided running yesterday and instead took my wife out to see Mission Impossible since running was deemed Impossible. But I woke up this morning at 5:00 AM to my body and mind … Continue reading

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Broken and Sick – I want to run

I haven’t run since Monday and its really bugging me. I’m broken, my lower back went out on me Tuesday and I’ve been nursing it back to health; Then I came down with a cold and my throat been dry … Continue reading

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WWII: Uncle Olympio

If you have looked though my Blog you will have noticed that I write short snippets of family history. (e.g WWII: A Fish for Papa ) Last time I was in the Philippines on the Island of Bohol where my family is from, … Continue reading

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9/11 Heroes Run

Ran in the 9/11 Heroes run this morning; was sort of a last minute 5k that I signed up for last week. The is the third race I ran in the series so I completed the Trifecta; EOD Warror 5K, … Continue reading

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Sunday I Run for Them – 9/11 Heroes Run

I RUN; I run for them, I run for their families, I run for those who served and those still serving. The 9/11 Heroes Run unites communities internationally with the goal to never forget the sacrifices of the heroes of … Continue reading

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I will never forget

The images I saw that September 11th morning are still as clear today as they were that ominous day; I remember the images of Muslim’s dancing in the streets in their piss hole countries in celebration of the deeds of … Continue reading

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Trail Hog San Jose CA.

After driving 10 hours from San Diego to San Jose CA I had a little less then 2 hours to rest before leaving for Joseph D. Grant park located on Mount Hamilton in Santa Clara county. Once you got to … Continue reading

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Trail Run: What was I thinking!

Allot went on today! I have to wonder, sometimes, what is wrong with me. Friday my wife and I will drive to San Jose and then San Francisco to talk with my Grand Aunties about my family history, the rest … Continue reading

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Long Short Run?

Used to be anything less the 3 miles was a short run, then anything less that 4. I told my wife last night that I was just going on the short 8 miles run. She laughed and said just 8 … Continue reading

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