Trail Run: What was I thinking!

2015-Trail-Hog-Website-HeaderAllot went on today! I have to wonder, sometimes, what is wrong with me. Friday my wife and I will drive to San Jose and then San Francisco to talk with my Grand Aunties about my family history, the rest of the family will remain in San Diego since we are only going to talk to my mothers side of the family.

So while my son is eating his breakfast, what do I do?  I get on the computer and sign myself up for a Half Marathon Trail Run in San Jose.  Here’s the situation though; It’s going to take about 10 hours to drive there so that means that I will have to drive straight to the race! This is of course after work Friday so I will be tired; didn’t think about this when I registered and paid for the run. To make things even more interesting this run is supposed to be my ‘qualifying run’ for the Disney Marathon so that I’m in the gates and not stuck in the back with all the people dressed as Peter Pan, Mickey, Mini, and the Seven Dwarfs.

I guess not being fully awake my brain was not functioning fully; why would I chose a Trail Run to qualify for a road race? LOL Oh Foolish Mortal.  All I can do is have fun with it and do my best 🙂

Yesterday I decided to get my legs massaged, I think she rubbed me wrong. It like the tendons hurt in the lower back side of my right leg; I ran 3 miles today and was in pain; not so bad that I couldn’t run but painful none the less. I’m hoping this will not be an issue on my trail run. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Ran 3.34 miles in 33:01 minutes with an avg. Pace of 09:53/mile. I wanted to keep the run short so that I didn’t burn my legs out before Saturdays run. It’s also better since there is the pain I mentioned before.

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15 Responses to Trail Run: What was I thinking!

  1. Please be careful! If the trail is technical, you will find that it is an entirely different kettle of fish. While in general it is gentler on the body as compared to road running, some different techniques are involved in climbing and descending, and it uses a heap of muscles that essentially remain dormant when running on smooth tarmac.

    If the trail run is hilly, it will also require a slightly different mindset for pacing.

    In general though, a trail run is going to be a bit slower than a road run, so if you are borderline on a qualifying time you may want to factor that in.

    I’d start adding some trail runs to your training in preparation, and also start practicing on terrain similar in elevation and technicality to the actual course.

    Good luck!

    • usabaker says:

      I was looking at the course and it looks like graded paths and although hilly noting really too crazy, I hope. To late to do training runs; one day to launch captain! Thanks for the advice.

  2. Oh, and as with anything new, start small and progress gradually!

  3. chasingdownhealthy says:

    You will most likely rock that run, have the time of your life and then the road race will seem like a piece of cake. Although I’m giggling at the thought of you stick with all of the princesses in the back… Throw some ACV in your water to help ease that muscle pain. Tastes weird, but totally helps.

    • usabaker says:

      Thanks for the confidence in me 🙂 something about running with a bunch of Disney characters seems like some weird dream you might have. I suppose I could go as Snow Whites Dwarf ‘Runny’ and add to the seven. Never heard of ACV all have to check it out Thanks!

  4. My For Real Life says:

    I’m reading this after you’ve ran, so instead of “good luck”…I hope it went well!!

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