I will never forget

The images I saw that September 11th morning are still as clear today as they were that ominous day; I remember the images of Muslim’s dancing in the streets in their piss hole countries in celebration of the deeds of their Muslim brothers and the terror released on innocent men, women and children; most who would never wish harm to anyone.. non combatants. The images of Benghazi still burn deep as does the feeling of loss for my brothers fallen.

I will never forget the anger I felt those days, I will never forget the sadness, I will never forget the pain in the faces of the families whos loss can never be understood.

I will never forget.

My hate and distain for Islam and the ignorance of its followers will never waiver and although I should forgive because this is what is right; I can’t because I can never forget.

They have made me this way.

Tomorrow I will lower the flag of this great nation on my flagstaff to half mast in their, those lost, honor.

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