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Cold Be Gone!

I started really dragging when I woke up Thursday, was wee bit irritable work all day keeping mostly to myself  and only interacting when question asking people need answers from me. Friday I was feeling like crap all day; over the counter … Continue reading

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2015 DAV 5K – San Diego – Run to Honor Veterans

Disabled Veterans of America (DAV) is hosting the DAV 5K San Diego November 7, 2015 at NTC Park at Liberty Station in San Diego California. Come out and support DAV and our Veterans!  Beside there can be no better way to … Continue reading

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My Running App

Soon after I my doctor told me that I had to make a choice on living or dying, I started walking at first I walked random distances and then one day I downloaded MapMyWalk  the free app seemed to provide … Continue reading

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XX Reasons Not To Run A Marathon

Seem’s even the editors of news and magazine companies are now jumping on the negativity band wagon; or is this something i’m just now noticing?. Have you guys seen the artificial that’s been traversing the the news sites? What … Continue reading

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17.4 Miles

Another low mileage week, was only able to manage three runs totaling 17.4 miles the longest last night at 8.14.  At least its not because I’ve been too lazy its the personal and family items that keeps popping up that are … Continue reading

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95 years old 10 minute Mile / 97 yesrs old 100m in 57sec

I have no more excuses!! Being old was the last one I had and its now gone. “You don’t stop running because you got old, you get old because you stopped running”

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RNMCB 2 Patch! – Reserve Naval Construction Battalion Two Patch

First of all I need to apologize to Larry a fellow SEABEE and alumni of RNMCB 2; I had told him that I would post the RNMCB TWO patch he made on my blog and to be honest life got … Continue reading

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Stop Killing Me

People, independent manufactures and the tobacco companies seem always to find ways to inflict medical risks, issues and death on those of us who rather not have it. The latest assault on the masses is the electronic cigarette vapor machines. … Continue reading

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OBE: Running

In the military when a plan was superseded by another item we called it “Overtaken By Events” (OBE.) This is exactly what has taken place since my last BLOG entry on September 26. A combination or work, family and too … Continue reading

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