OBE: Running

In the military when a plan was superseded by another item we called it “Overtaken By Events” (OBE.) This is exactly what has taken place since my last BLOG entry on September 26. A combination or work, family and too lazy to run in the humidity resulted in last week logging only two runs totaling 6.63miles and this week only one run (so far) of 7.3miles.

The not wanting to run in the humidity wasn’t the biggest of all the reasons for not running most was due to preparations for my son’s birthday party. Cleaning up the garage and making the Piñata for the party we the bigger time sucking items. But hey, it’s a family thing so I’ll not whine about it too much.

My lovely wife signed me up for a 5K run on Sunday sponsored by her employer National University, I think she just wants the free stuff because she didn’t ‘ask’ me if I wanted to run until AFTER she signed me up LOL. It’s okay though great wat to start next week’s run. I’m thinking that most of the people who will be running will more than likely not be runners so I should have a pretty good kill ratio which will be nice for once because normally I’m the one that ends up on other people’s kill list.

Sackboy From Little Big Planet Pinata I make for my son's 9th Birthday Party

Sackboy From Little Big Planet Pinata I made for my son’s 9th Birthday Party

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4 Responses to OBE: Running

  1. That piñata is awesome! I am glad to see you back… was hoping you were okay.

  2. runrodrun says:

    Welcome back Bill! Happy bday to your son 🎉🎂🎁 and good luck on your race 😃😃😃

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