RNMCB 2 Patch! – Reserve Naval Construction Battalion Two Patch

First of all I need to apologize to Larry a fellow SEABEE and alumni of RNMCB 2; I had told him that I would post the RNMCB TWO patch he made on my blog and to be honest life got busy and I totally forgot until I saw him on my blog again. So Larry sorry for my delay in getting the word out.

Larry sent me one of the patches and I have to tell you that the quality and detail in this patch I doubt can be matched; I just pops! Its as close to perfect as you can get having 95% of the detail found in the original art work from the plaque I was able to win on eBay some time back.

So if you want a patch from Reserve Naval Construction Battalion Two Larry has them and T-Shirts too! Just drop him an email at woho@yahoo.com for the prices and ordering details.

RNMCB 2 Patch

RNMCB 2 Patch

RNMCB Two Plaque

RNMCB Two Plaque

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