Stop Killing Me

People, independent manufactures and the tobacco companies seem always to find ways to inflict medical risks, issues and death on those of us who rather not have it.

The latest assault on the masses is the electronic cigarette vapor machines. People who use these devices have been led to believe these are better for you than smoking tobacco; and true to course, people follow each other never questioning what they are sucking into their bodies and subjecting other people too like Lemmings walking off a cliff. I no longer run at work because of the shear number of Lemmings exhaling massive plumes of vapor containing free radicals; highly reactive toxins, formaldehyde, acrolein higher even than in normal cigarettes and other toxin that ‘you just don’t know’ because these items and the vapor loads used in them are unregulated.

I grew tired of trying to hold my breath as I ran though the electronically produced vapor plumes of chemical and biological death. This is when I realized that it didn’t matter if I held my breath. Unlike cigarettes; water and chemicals like all liquids, latch on to your skin and hair introducing its vile contents of chemicals and germs from its host human into you. Smoke would at least have the courtesy to kill the germ element. And unlike smoke whose plumes are far less in volume and dissipate quickly; vapor plumes are huge, you’ve seen them, massive vile plumes filling the cabins of cars; billowing as it exits the drivers window like a Banshee screaming from hell. In the public; on the sidewalks, parks and the like, the vapor plumes hang low and seeming stalking its pray grabbing passers by like the bonny hand of death and like the cigarette smokers, the vapor user could careless about how their vile habit affects others. Perhaps less then cigarette smokers after all its only vapor and “safe” so why worry.

Even though I no longer run down the corridor of death at my work place it seems I’m not able to escape the humans buzzing and sucking on designer vapor vessels; running past the pickup and bus stops of the local high school is liken to the misting machines on the strip in Vegas. Yes, the tobacco companies and other e-cig entrepreneurs have found this new way to continue to create customers for them and for our cloaked friend Death.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve no problem with people poisoning and killing themselves, I think it’s sort of nice they volunteer to thin the heard and lessen the amount of stupid we are subject too – but, please! Stop killing me and my family in the process!


New Report Warns of the Dangers of E-Cigarettes January 29, 2015

Secondhand Smoke Goes Electronic With Damaging Free Radicals From E-Cig Vapor

E-cigarette vapor filled with cancer-causing chemicals

State Health Officer’s Report on E-Cigarettes: A Community Health Threat

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5 Responses to Stop Killing Me

  1. Lemmings is the right word!

  2. We call them sheep in our house, but Lemmings works, too. 😉

  3. chasingdownhealthy says:

    YES YES YES all of this yes. I work on a community college campus and these entitled jerks think they can puff and blow these things wherever they are, no matter the posted smoking area signs. GROSS.

    • usabaker says:

      Yeah it’s because they can say it’s not cigarettes, they really don’t care about the health of others because they have convinced themselves that it’s not harmful to others

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