My Running App

Soon after I my doctor told me that I had to make a choice on living or dying, I started walking at first I walked random distances and then one day I downloaded MapMyWalk  the free app seemed to provide everything I needed. I ended up purchasing the MapMyWalk Plus just because I tend to always support the app/software I like. I’m big on shareware and the like.

I still used MapMyWalk when I started running. if you are not aware; there is no difference between MapMyWalk and MapMyRun. It worked great until I became more into running and wanted more stats and info. This is when I discovered that all buying PLUS did is get rid of the ad’s.

To get the more advanced features I would have to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription.  This irritated me more then you can know; if you buy software you should own it! I was not about to pay yearly for something I should be able to own so I went on a search for a real application that gave me all the features I wanted and I OWNED.

After trying a number of apps I ended up purchasing iSmoothRun for a whole $6.00 not only did I get all the features I wanted I’m also able to download my runs to my computer in the form of a flat file that can be opened by Open Office Calc, Microsoft Excel or any other type application.  I own my data and its stored on my device not on someones webserver where I can only view it they way they decide.

That’s not to say it doesn’t lack somethings; It’s doesn’t have the social aspect, “Activity Feeds” So I can’t ‘friend’ people so we can share each other activity; not that I have allot of friend only have three on MapMyWalk. But since I can export my runs to pretty much anyone the major running app’s I export my runs to MapMyWalk automatically at the end of my run and it pop’s up on my friends MapMyRun/walk/bike app. I can also participate in the ‘challenges’ on other apps witch I do by exporting my runs to MapMyWalk and RunKeeper another pay as you go app. Do I really care about the challenges? Well no but since I can export I do just for the heck of it.

The only downside of iSmoothRun is that its only for Apple IOS since I plan to go Android in the future I guess i’ll have to find another good app to own; or write my own no there’s a thought……

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6 Responses to My Running App

  1. I’m finally considering using a running app since I’d like to participate in a few virtual races. (I hate running with my phone though, which is why I’ve avoided it). My concern is always that my routes will be tracked, recorded, and accessible to anyone. For safety reasons I’d rather my routes not be followed by others… do the apps you’ve mentioned record/store/share the routes you run?

    • usabaker says:

      If you have an iPhone your best bet is iSmoothRun it keeps all your data on the phone the only way it would get it posted to Social media or a website is if you set it up so it does, As far as I know its the only app that doesn’t store your data to an external system.

      Some running short have pockets just for phones in the back so it doesn’t bother you when you run.

      • Yeah, I use a Roo pouch to hold my phone in front of my hip, it’s pretty unnoticeable as long as my pants have strong elastic around the waistband. LOL
        I started using Runkeeper via a friend’s recommendation, but I’m not entirely sure I love it yet. I’ll be sure to try out iSmoothRun as well to compare.
        Thanks! 🙂

      • usabaker says:

        I’ve had my share of running and pulling up short with weak elastic I know exactly what you’re talking about. The built in graphs you can get just by tilting the phone are pretty cool in iSmoothRun too.

  2. ianwittberg says:

    The best thing about iSmoothRun is that you can send your data anywhere you want. I send mine to Runkeeper and Smashrun. Runkeeper because that’s where my friends are, and Smashrun because of the incredible stats, and I find the badges really motivating.

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