Cold Be Gone!

I started really dragging when I woke up Thursday, was wee bit irritable work all day keeping mostly to myself  and only interacting when question asking people need answers from me. Friday I was feeling like crap all day; over the counter meds helped me breath a little but that’s about it. I was glad Friday is an off day for the majorly of the workers so It was just me and one other people in my area. I actually got a lot of work done which is nice because i’m still processing stuff from the beginning of Sept.

I know I was pushing out work because I wanted to get a run in at work, yeah I was not going to let a little cold stop me from running. Because its Friday there are far less smokers and vape people along that back of the building.  Went to the gym and suited up and started my run. Each loop around the fence line of my work compound is 1.55 miles and I was feeling pretty good; totally forgot I had a cold.  Was near the end of my forth loop when my Pebble started to vibrate.  My boos text me to remind me that I forgot to enter my hours and submit my time sheet. So I rerouted and went back to my office to complete that task. Ended up running 4.06 miles and was feeling pretty good.

My son called and asked if I could watch my one year old  grand daughter I warned him that I was sick, he told me she was too.  I honestly struggled watching her I was feeling so sick; by the end of the evening I couldn’t breath though my nose at all, not even NyQuil helped. Woke up at 4:30AM this morning I had planed a 12 mile run but couldn’t get up. So I’ll do a 10 or 12 later today. I’m so close to 40 miles this week I don’t want to blow it off.

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5 Responses to Cold Be Gone!

  1. therfpscribe says:

    Just my two cents’ worth, but it may be worth taking it easy for the next few days till you feel better, and not worry about the mileage for the moment. At any rate, it’s close to impossible to get any fitness gains out of training when one is sick. But of course, if you’re feeling good enough to keep running, by all means!
    At any rate, I hope you get better soon. =)

  2. That cold thing is making the rounds. Everyone at work has had it. I’m still trying to fully recover! Congestion, tired, itchy throat…

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