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Miracle Tree: Malunggay (Moringa)

Was out in my backyard this morning and realized that my Malunggay (Moringa) tree was really tall, so I grabbed a tape measure and it measured over 16 feet in length.   My wife has been ‘suggesting’ that I top … Continue reading

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Filipino American Ministers Hopeful Run 5K

This morning the was up at 5AM, well sort of, I got up at 5AM but after going to the bathroom I when back to bed. I was up until 12AM the night before and was really tired. I forced … Continue reading

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The Day After Coffee

Just came in the house from outside drinking my first cup of coffee today. It rained last night and true to form San Diego has been once again blessed with blue sky’s and sunshine. I love the mornings after the … Continue reading

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I knew it would happen 13.3 Mile Run

They allowed us to leave early today so when I got home it was still light and decided to do a 8 mile out and back run. When I got to 4 miles I decided that I would run 10 … Continue reading

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Hopeful Run 5K Filipino American Ministers

I keep saying that I wont run anymore 5K’s. But as always I got suckered in to yet another charity run. When I was approached I sort of rolled my eyes and sheepishly tried to rationalized why I didn’t want to run … Continue reading

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Adidas: Better Eattin Hot

What came first the Chicken or the Shoe? It’s rumored in the Filipino community that eating these culinary delights cooked with vinegar, garlic and other exciting spices; will make you run faster. I think you run faster from the fact … Continue reading

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33 Miles: Weekly Running Roll Up

Did a 13.33 mile run in 2:26 hours age pace of 11:02/mile which put this weeks miles at 33 for the week. Less then I planed but good due to my work schedule. I don’t know why but after my … Continue reading

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My Babygirl is hardcore

If you have been reading my BLOG for any amount of time you will know that I come from a long line of Military men. Our family’s military history is traceable all the way back to the War of 1812. … Continue reading

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Family Fun at the 5K Bubble Run!

The San Diego Bubble Run! Technically I suppose you could call it a ‘run’ because it’s a measured 5K and you do get a Bib. But…. to me its more of a novelty activity; it’s not timed at all and … Continue reading

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San Diego 5K Bubble Run

Tomorrow is a Family Run Day of sorts. We are attending the San Diego 5K Bubble Run!! It’s a family fun day so I won’t be running for time or really anything other than having fun with my wife and … Continue reading

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