33.9 Miles but no Bannana

So because Paul gave me a swift kick in the butt about my training as a result I set my goal at 40 miles per-week. The week I didn’t quite get there was only able to do 33.9 miles which although close is still not close enough.

Today, Sunday, is my rest day and I have to tell you my body needs it. The cold I caught is playing hell with me and although I’ve not let it keep me from running I have noticed that my times are much slower then normal. Funny part is when I’m running I don’t feel sick but boy when I cool down it hits me hard.

Tonight is The Walking Dead and after that I’m hitting the bed, been up since 3:30AM finishing a report for one of the jobs my buddy did at a co-generation site. Nite all!

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2 Responses to 33.9 Miles but no Bannana

  1. pauldburton says:

    I hope your butt isn’t too sore from the kick. Glad to see the mileage ramp up a little.

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