Woman Runs a 15-Minute Marathon: My sister and brother in-law ROCK!

My baby sister continues to astound me with her achievements and my brother in-law is a true blessing to our family and a bigger man than I think I could ever be; and I’m so thankful that he’s in my sisters life. My baby sister and brother in-law were featured in Woman’s Health Magazine “This Woman Runs a 15-Minute Marathon

[I knew my sister ran marathons, but holy cow!! I had no idea how many or her goals]

My sister and I shared massive migraines but I never really though of much of it, I think my sister felt pretty much the same way, because it seemed to run in our family. One day my sister end up in the hospital due to a medical event which led to a cat scan. It showed a tumor on her brain.

She ended up having to have brain surgery to  remove the tumor. She lost her short-term memory.  My brother in-law, then boy friend, was at and is still at my sisters side caring and loving her; he is a model that I think all men strive to be, at least I know I do.

These are two amazing people and I am proud of them but, as sad as it is to say I need to admit that not knowing my baby sister as well as a brother should is on my list of one of my biggest regrets in life.


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4 Responses to Woman Runs a 15-Minute Marathon: My sister and brother in-law ROCK!

  1. Wow, that is amazing and AWESOME!

  2. pauldburton says:

    Fascinating article. Thanks for sharing.

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