Family Fun at the 5K Bubble Run!

The San Diego Bubble Run! Technically I suppose you could call it a ‘run’ because it’s a measured 5K and you do get a Bib. But…. to me its more of a novelty activity; it’s not timed at all and really the motivation is to play in the foam.  Still I did see people running like there was no tomorrow so some defiantly went for it. Most however, like us, were just there for the fun and to spend family time with our son. Yes we did run some my little guy was excited to get to the next bubble station.

The people putting on the run did a fantastic job, better then allot of the time runs I’ve gone to and let me tell you this is a popular run there were more people at this run than any I’ve been too yet. To be honest I was a little uneasy with all the crap that’s going on I Paris this venue with the amount of people there seem like a target for terrorists.

We were in the first corral of the second race at 11:00AM, we were really gald we had the foresight to sign-up for the 11AM rather then the 8AM it was just getting warm when we showed up and my friend who ran the 8AM said it was really cold.

We had a great time and plan to go again next year. Its a great outing for the family. Check out the video I made of our run; wish it was better but my PC kept crashing so I got what I got.

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