My Babygirl is hardcore

If you have been reading my BLOG for any amount of time you will know that I come from a long line of Military men. Our family’s military history is traceable all the way back to the War of 1812.  We are seven generations of military, My son, daughter and two nephews serving right now; three in the Army and one in the Navy.

jess1stcavnMy daughter, a Sargent in the US ARMY First Cav,  is the first female in our family to have served in the military. Be warned, my little girl was raised by a crazy father and three big brothers so she’s not your typical girlygirl. She was shooting rifles before she could walk and is an avid outdoors woman. She’s proud of the fact that she pulls her own weight in the Army and never has used the excuse shes a girl; she will hang with the guys until the works done. Which is one of the problems; when the guys are told to take a female with them its always my daughter that get chosen as they know she works, which of course irritates her to no end as all the other females do is sit playing on their phones and chatting.

jess-egyptYou get the point, i’m proud of my little girl. Like all the other military in our family the reason she joined is to serve our country; nothing more. She was 26 when she joined and left a career in Marketing making more money in a year then she makes in three years in the Army, She decided she need to serve or she would regret later if she didn’t. She is a fast track solder and a motivated individual. Did I tell you I’m proud of her?

Now I gathered from a post she wrote just recently that someone made a remark to her about her political and life choices. I thought I would share it here;

Look I’d like to set one thing straight, yes I am a Republican, I am in a same sex relationship, I am Christian and I serve every single one of you by being a service member. Hypocritical? Or are you just being as jujudgmental? I believe in equality in loving someone not based on gender, I believe in protecting my county and fighting for the right of so many of you who think I am wrong for living the life that I live. My brothers and my sisters in arms who have fought and died for this land have given you that opinion, that life, those choices, and your freedom to do whatever you please even if it morally wrong. But, don’t you dare tell me, that I am wrong. Don’t you dare tell me that I do not belong here, and I urge you to remember how grateful you are to be able to stand here and call yourself an, American. If you have such a huge issue or you cannot stand behind our troops then feel free to stand in front of us, I am sure, ISIS has room for you.. And I promise, we will come for you.



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8 Responses to My Babygirl is hardcore

  1. Brittany says:

    BAM! This is fantastic, and thank you to you AND your family!!

  2. Sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders. Fight for what you believe in and don’t let other people tell you any different! I could use a good dose of thinking that way myself.

    • usabaker says:

      She always been independent and a hard head. She has four brothers and SHE is the only one who I had to get out of Juvenal hall. Her first year of high school bunch of Vietnamese gang members (guys) said something to her and her friend as they were walking past. My daughter, known to be outspoken provided directions of where they could go. For that a few of them attacked her. She beat two of them up one badly. She was chaged for assult with a deadly weapon. Seems one of the guys was so embarrassed to have his butt handed to him buy a girl that he told the school and police that she hit him with her backpack. Which was not the truth she used her fists, we had to go to court for that one.

  3. I thank you and your family. I appreciate America’s freedom in a big way. When I was young, I twice went behind the Iron Curtain. I’ve seen WWII battlefields. I read history. I see what’s going on in this old world today. I observe human nature. What we have in this country is truly special. Thank you, and everyone else who has served.

    • usabaker says:

      Richard, I don’t think there is a solider out there worth his/her salt that serves for the right reasons that looking for a thank you. we serve because its our duty; if we don’t who will. But tank you for appreciating our country and our Military men and women. So many take for granted the gift of freedom and the sacrifices of not just the soldiers but all people who have held the torch to keep America Strong and Free.

  4. Miss Dinie says:

    And I thought I was tough!! Salutes to your daughter and other family members!

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