33 Miles: Weekly Running Roll Up

FullSizeRenderDid a 13.33 mile run in 2:26 hours age pace of 11:02/mile which put this weeks miles at 33 for the week. Less then I planed but good due to my work schedule. I don’t know why but after my 13 mile run yesterday my legs felt so tired and this morning I’m fatigued. I don’t get it. Normally I don’t feel this way, even after my 20 mile run I felt better then this. Thinking about it, maybe the new stretching routine my doctor has me doing has something to do with it; doubt it but it’s the only thing I changed. Oh well at least today is rest day.

I tried NUUN TRI-BERRY and I have to honestly tell you that it’s the most awful tasking stuff I’ve yet to try and I swear it made me more thirsty during my run.

Besides the short post about my daughter, this is the first chance that I’ve had to write since my Physical appointment with my doctor. I’ve been absolutely buried at work and brain dead by the time I get home.

Surprisingly, she was less worried and bothered by my LDL than I was! I was the one who brought it up and so she talked to me about it and when over my diet. I was eating right and wrong at the same time you see I eat allot of chicken but I only like the dark meat and that’s where part of my problem is. So now I’ll be cutting out more of the red meat and nearly eliminate the dark meat (except on Thanksgiving) from my diet. This should get me back in check.

She also started asking questions about my running, because my glucose levels are in the normal range but elevated reading 100. She said with the amount of running I’m doing she would expect it to be in the 80’s. Did you know that you can run too much causing you glucose levels to elevate? I didn’t. Because I’ve cranked up my mileage and am only taking one rest day my body isn’t processing the sugars correctly, I can’t recall the whole expiation but, she told me that from now on I’m to take every fourth day as a ‘active’ rest day I can hike, bike, walk and just rest. She also said the GEL packs could be contributing to the issue so I need to use them sparingly and would rather I look into a nutrition plan for running.

When she was checking me out she said that my hamstrings were too tight. She had me get into the contorted position while laying on my side to test the flexibility and then showed me where I am and where I should be in the flexibility scale. So she gave me some stretching routines she wants me to do prior to and after my runs. I told her that I use a foam roller and while she said those are good she suggested that I purchase a muscle roller stick because I can get much deeper results with it than a roller; she also taught me how to use the roller as well. Cool.

What she was not happy about is the run that I’m doing in January 2016. She feels running a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and then a Full Marathon in a four day period is just too much. She said the 5K though Half should be okay but dropping a marathon at the end was a little much, especially since I have never ran a marathon. She had a number of concerns and I told her if she said for me not to run the Marathon I would not; she responded, that she wouldn’t tell me not to run it but If I do, I need to listen to my body and know when to stop. She said there is really no payoff from beating up my body doing those consecutive races since the whole reason I started running in the first place was to stay healthy. She said it’s not going to help if your body suffers so much damage that you can’t run for awhile. She has a point; but I’m an addict and she knows it; I have this crazy desire to push the limits of my body – I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I didn’t tell he I was considering an Ultra after this LOL, I didn’t want to get yelled at; I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I got the thumbs up on pretty much everything with my labs and physical and to my surprise and joy; I didn’t have to suffer the finger treatment this time. Boy was I happy and so was my man cave.

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10 Responses to 33 Miles: Weekly Running Roll Up

  1. pauldburton says:

    That’s a better weekly distance. Listen to your doctor for health and diet info. Maybe try at sports nutrionist?

  2. Good to hear everything checked out! I am somewhat in the same boat as you regarding how much you run. On one hand, when I am not being too ego driven and keep the pace reasonable running long distance often does not feel at all unhealthy. But on the other hand, right now my body is slightly revolting right now because I stepped over the line this fall doing a 33 miler followed by a cold 2 weeks later and then trying to run a marathon just two weeks after the cold at far too quick of pace. Now my whole left side is FUBAR with IT band and ankle problems. I guess what I am trying to get at is I don’t think it is necessarily the distance that is the problem, it is our ego that makes it unhealthy. Your doctor is probably right – if you set the right goal/pace (slow) you could be ok. But step over the line and you MIGHT end up riding the couch more than you want like I am. But then again, maybe I am just projecting my own perceived limits and fears onto your story. Lol. You will do awesome no matter what you decide to do!

    • usabaker says:

      “FUBAR” – Love it. Like you, well not really, 33 miles holy crapoly, I tend to push myself even when I know I should stop; my Doc knows this about me too; which I think is the root of her concerns. Last week I was going to do a 5 mile run and in to my first mile my calf muscles and ankles were hurt but I kept pushing; then my thigh muscles felt week in to mile three. I had all three issues but kept on going even though I brain was telling me to stop. at 5 I felt a little better – I thought and so Yeah… ended up running 7 miles because I wanted to just make it to that next “thing” down the street.

      I’m a bit OCD too so I can’t stop before my goal else it eats at me, matter of fact I always run a bit past my goal because I know my GPS just might be off and I don’t want to run less than my goal even by mistake. Oh and I hate to run on a path that I jus ran on so I have to plan my routes so I no running back over the same place I’ve been. Now my out and back runs are fine because I’m running on a bike path that has two lanes one each direction. Stupid I know.

  3. runsonsyrup says:

    We runners have a responsibility to ourselves to recognize truly what is too much. I mean, to the average person, running ONE marathon is overdoing it… probably is, but we love it, so we do more and more. You know yourself best. If you think it’s an unhealthy addiction, or if you’re getting injured/hurt, then you’ll know that you’re doing too much. I’m not advocating ignoring your doctor’s advice, just empathizing with you.
    Did she check an A1C level, or plan to? That gives more of a long term picture of your blood sugar trends.
    Haha, do you hate all Nuun or just the Triberry flavor? I find it makes me thirstier, too.

    • usabaker says:

      I don’t think a Marathon is too much, at least not for me because I’m not attempting come in 1st place. Just doing I think will make me feel good. My Dr. didn’t think a Marathon in itself was the problem is the 4 days in a row a 5K, 10K, Half and Full she felt was a little much (for me) BUT, I know I can do it I just need to pace myself in all the race so I don’t over run my legs. I really want to do an ultra sometime after this run.
      Yup my Hgb A1C is 5.7% Avg Bid Glucose is 117 which was higher then my 2014 exam and low then my 2013 when it was 6% and 126

      I don’t know about the other Nuun I’ve only had the Tri-Berry so far I did notice the packaging say “refreshing” LOL not sure I would have used that work to describe it.

  4. My For Real Life says:

    You are an inspiration to me. Truly. I haven’t started running since my injury. I went to a couple different doctors and got frustrated. I’m sure I could start up again now and just really pace myself. That’s where I went wrong, but it sounds like you have a good idea of what you’re doing.

    • usabaker says:

      I’ve no idea of what I’m doing and that kind of scares me. I injured my calf in 2014 and was down for 3 months because I kept trying to run too soon and would re-injure it so just start out slow and see how the injury feels before pushing too much. I ended up using compression sleeves to help.

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