Adidas: Better Eattin Hot

What came first the Chicken or the Shoe?

It’s rumored in the Filipino community that eating these culinary delights cooked with vinegar, garlic and other exciting spices; will make you run faster. I think you run faster from the fact that you have to chase these feathered endothermic vertebrates around before you have the ability to cook and introduce them to your pallet. The exciting glutinous texture, exotic flavor and slight crunch of cartilage. – is so much more then a shoe……

Adobong Adidas

Adobong Adidas

If you would like the recipe for this look no further then here;

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5 Responses to Adidas: Better Eattin Hot

  1. Miss Dinie says:

    Nice! I’m Caribbean and we eat chicken feet too! Adobo looks good!

  2. Love this dish a lot, my significant as well 🙂

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