Hopeful Run 5K Filipino American Ministers

HFR1I keep saying that I wont run anymore 5K’s. But as always I got suckered in to yet another charity run. When I was approached I sort of rolled my eyes and sheepishly tried to rationalized why I didn’t want to run another 5K race. It’s not that I don’t like races it just I’m training right now and I run anyhow so why pay to run :/

But it’s in support of the projects the Fellowship of Filipino American Ministers (FEFAM); which is to reach out to the lost, raise funds to save the young, help sustain the operation of FEFAM & strengthen its presence in San Diego County and enhance camaraderie among the believers of Jesus Christ.  This year,they partnered with Tabalikum (A Youth Ministry) to raise funds and support local youths in our community.

So how do you say no to a youth ministry and GOD?

At least I know the course; pretty much the same all the the other run its at Preble Field Park at the old Naval Training Center in Point Loma.

Interestingly enough this run first started in the Philippines at City of Santiago in Isabela.

Santiago, Philippines 2014

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