I knew it would happen 13.3 Mile Run

They allowed us to leave early today so when I got home it was still light and decided to do a 8 mile out and back run. When I got to 4 miles I decided that I would run 10 miles, when I got to 5 miles I decided that I might as well run a Half Marathon distance so I ran out 6.63 miles and headed back.

It was really cool and windy; the mist from the ocean gave the air a little snap. I was running into the wind most of the way on my run out so it made for tough 6 miles and my ears ached so bad from the cold. I was lucky that the rain had stopped earlier in the day otherwise I would have been cold and wet.

On the way back the wind was too my back, and I thought it would be better that way but it gave me the chills.  Awhile back I had a blog entry titled “Bike Riders, Teams and Club People Should Not Wear Spandex” where I was pissed that bike riders on the path, that I have dubbed “The Gauntlet”, feel the need to see just how close they can get to walkers and runners who use the path, its just not a few bike riders here that do this, its most. So it happened; evidently a biker collided with a person walking; I guess a path that is more then six foot wide just isn’t wide enough for a person walking and a biker. At least another biker offered help. I saw this sign during my run.


Anyhow, completed my run in 2:28:50 minutes at an average pace of 11:09/mile. Just a nat slower than normal but ill take it. My left nipple is really sore right now, the band-aid I had covering it came off during the run so I got some serious rub burn going on. Not that you wanted to know this tidbit of info; just though I would share.

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3 Responses to I knew it would happen 13.3 Mile Run

  1. pauldburton says:

    Good run. And happy thanksgiving, mate! 🙂

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