The Day After Coffee

Just came in the house from outside drinking my first cup of coffee today. It rained last night and true to form San Diego has been once again blessed with blue sky’s and sunshine.

I love the mornings after the rain, the air is so crisp and clear; makes you wonder how beautiful the world would be with out the pollutants from industry and motor vehicles. After a holiday and rain, this morning seems so quite. All I really heard while standing in the sun sipping my coffee was the sound my my US Flag flapping in the gentle breeze. The rain or as I like to call it, GOD tears, still hanging on to the leaves of bushes, trees and blades of grass sparkle like thousands of cut diamonds; as the suns rays bounces off them while they shudder in the breeze.

How great I think, it would be if I could be out on a run. But, I’m waiting for my beautiful wife and youngest son to wake. Today, the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the day our family takes a journey to cut down the perfect Christmas tree. So its better to be in harmony with my wife rather then getting that text message of “where are you?” no, I’ll run this evening.


Decorating the serving plate with Rosemary  picked from our garden, sliced oranges and raw cranberry’s.

I was lucky this Thanksgiving, my wife decided this year that she would exercise her culinary skills and do all the cooking. When she told me this I couldn’t help but smile. You see shes never cooked a complete Thanksgiving or Christmas meal. Its always been my job to do the cooking on the holidays. [Secret please don’t tell my wife: I really hate the holidays Christmas most of all so cooking takes my mind off things  and keeps that ‘run away’ feeling at bay.)

My wife did a spectacular job! her turkey was moist, she made three different kinds of cookies, Sweet yam casserole thinginy, apple pie, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, honey ham, cranberries, stuffing (not in the turkey kind), several other specialty deserts and something else that I can see in my mind but can’t remember what it was; hmmm I’m old, oh yes Corn casserole is what it was. All from scratch.

She told me when she was finely done, the dishes were plated and on the table that she’s not going to cook for Thanksgiving ever again LOL. I told her it was too late I’ve handed her the torch.tgd

Every year we invite Military personnel who are unable to go home for Thanksgiving into our home to spend it with us. This year we had five come by. I enjoy having our young men and women over.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.




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7 Responses to The Day After Coffee

  1. Brittany says:

    Good lookin feast! Glad you had five extra guests this year. I completely understand your wife not wanting to cook again next year, I cook ever year for my family and while I enjoy it I do find it takes ALLLL THE TIME.

    • usabaker says:

      My wife is spoiled because since we got married. I’ve done all the cooking for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 🙂 She had no idea how tiring cooking that much food is LOL…… I’m stuck doing it now till death do we part.

  2. Thank you for opening your home to service members that appreciated that yummy home-cooked meal. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

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