Filipino American Ministers Hopeful Run 5K

hopefulrunThis morning the was up at 5AM, well sort of, I got up at 5AM but after going to the bathroom I when back to bed. I was up until 12AM the night before and was really tired. I forced my body out of bed at 5:45AM and got ready for my run. I would have to be at the run location by 7:00AM to pickup my bib and timing chip.

Before leaving I huffed down a bowl of Shredded Wheat and Almond milk topped with a little Stevia to sweeten it.  Packed some yucky Tri-Berry Nuun tabs in a baggie and headed out the door [I wonder what the father in my parish would have to say if I told him I ate a little Nuun?]

Arriving at the race location I seemed to be the first runner to show up and waited for someone to notice me standing at the bib pickup table. Got my bib and t-shirt and proceeded to wait and chill, literally chill it was California cold; which in on the east coast and mid-west t-shirt weather. I had my shorts and fleece on.

There were allot of families at this race which was GREAT to see and I loved the fact that this was a Christian based run and everyone showed their good graces, love for GOD, love for our Country and were respectful during the National Anthem. For people in the mid-west it my seem strange that I would note something like that but I have to tell you; here in San Diego, people are so rude and disrespectful. They don’t know how to shut up and respect our flag during the pledge of allegiance or during the playing of our National Anthem.   It disgust me and I have been know to tell people to shut their traps and respect the flag; its so back sometimes, like at high school graduations you can even hear the person singing the National Anthem over the people yapping in Spanish.

If you haven’t read my prior blog entry, the HOPEFUL Run is to support community projects supported by FEFAM (Fellowship of Evangelical Filipino-American Ministers) and Tabalikum (A Youth Ministry).  I believe their effort to be a good cause and the whole reason I chose to run this race. Its also the first Filipino community run that I’ve been in. It felt odd not knowing anyone at the race; my wife and son didn’t come because he’s had the beginnings of a cold and we didn’t want to expose him to the cold morning air.

The race organizers did a great job I must say. Everything seemed to be going smoothly and the race start exactly at 8:00am as scheduled which is a first!, this is the first race I’ve been to that started when it was scheduled too.

For whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to start my run at the back just forward of the people who had strollers. Turned out that this was a mistake, my times suffered as a result because it took a while to thread myself though the pack to get to a place where I could ramp up to my race pace and maintain it. At one point I tried to run out into the dirt to try and get around and had to jump a tiny wall that was about 1 1/2 to 2 foot high.

I was finely able to fall into my race pace at .38 miles (o.61 Km) which I put at 8:30/mile looking back I should have kicked it up to 8:00/mile pace. The course got confusing at a few sections and I found myself back tracking only to find out I went the right way to begin with; but oh well it happens.  I did notice those a number of people cut the course I don’t know if that was because they got confused on the course (likely) or just because they could.

I didn’t PR one this race but was only seconds off my last 5K run. I ran;

5k in 25:59 with and average pace of 8.25/mile. Placed 19 out of 196 runners and 4th of 6 in my age group. I hung around for the award ceremony and then took off to run another 4 miles to round out my week. After running I stopped by the tents and thanks the organizers for the event then drove home. I’m looking forward to run this again next year but hope they consider doing over 5K at least a 1ok or even better a half marathon.


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2 Responses to Filipino American Ministers Hopeful Run 5K

  1. jlouisemac says:

    The patriot in me got HOT when you talked about people talking and joking during the National Anthem, but good on you for making it out to such an early run!

    • usabaker says:

      I’ve been to a number of public events and 4 high school graduations and it’s always the save walking around, talking and joking total disrespect during the national anthem it’s disgusting and you can see smoke coming out of my ear. I don’t want to sound racist, I’m not, but the simple fact is it is the Hispanics who act this way in San Diego

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