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It’s been a long while since I’ve updated my BLOG; I’ve had a number of false starts and have the ‘draft’ postings sitting uncompleted to prove it. The past weeks have been obnoxiously busy at work and extremely busy at … Continue reading

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I carry your name, everywhere I go.

“Deep down inside my soul, I couldn’t grasp the air in my lungs. My eyes wondered and focused on “Grandfather has passed.” A line from my daughters blog entry: I carry your name, everywhere I go.

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She whispered, as if God was talking to me.

Please check out my daughters blog. This story touched my heart. Keep writing and remember Daddy loves you !

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No Running Just a Wool Blanket

I’ve not run since Saturday because of a stomach virus I seem to have caught from a generous person at work. Seem’s like i’m jumping from sickness to sickness.  I should retire so all I have to do is run and … Continue reading

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The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brian – The things I carry always.

One of the most frightening sounds I’ve ever heard was the cracking/zip, for lack of a better description, sound a bullet fired from a rifle makes as it passes you. It’s not a fear that it’s chasing you or that … Continue reading

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No Run Today Feeling Sick and Fatigued

Got up and packed my running cloths in my gym bag this morning before heading off to work. I wasn’t feeling well but was hoping that I would feel good enough to run at least 6 miles at lunch time. … Continue reading

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Banana nana bo bana fi fi fo fana banana

I think that these Banana’s harvested from one of Banana trees (plants technically) in our garden by my father in-law may be the last batch we get till next summer. We still have two trees with bunches on them but … Continue reading

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