Banana nana bo bana fi fi fo fana banana

I think that these Banana’s harvested from one of Banana trees (plants technically) in our garden by my father in-law may be the last batch we get till next summer. We still have two trees with bunches on them but I don’t think they will survive the cold.

banana1We’ve had a number of potential harvest this year; most though were stolen before we were able to harvest them. The perils of have a community garden; we only end up with a small percentage of what we grow the rest is stolen by others. I’ve even caught other community garden members digging up plants from our garden to put in theirs.


Banana Tree on our side yard.

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4 Responses to Banana nana bo bana fi fi fo fana banana

  1. James Gielow says:

    Hi, I’m also in San Diego and have an ice cream variety I planted last year. No fruit yet it seems. I’ve read that they need a lot of fertilizer, do you find that to be true? Any tips on how I can get then to fruit? I’m so banana hungry!

    • usabaker says:

      Hi James, I’ve not done anything extraordinary to have these bananas fruit. I have them at two different locations and one in a pot and even the one in the pot has fruited. As long as they have water they seem happy. Since you are in San Deigo; if you would like one of the plants I would be more then happy to provide you one. I don’t know what the variety 0r strain this banana is but it is an Southeast Asian variety. I’ve not seen them in the nursery’s around here.

      • James Gielow says:

        Huh. I wonder if it was just too young to produce right away. It’s about 12 feet tall now though. A beast.

        Thank you kindly for your offer! I may take you up on it. Especially if they’re so proficient in this region. Now to find room for it…

  2. usabaker says:

    I transplanted young shoot from our community garden to our house 3 miles away and they have produces in the same year.

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