She whispered, as if God was talking to me.

Please check out my daughters blog. This story touched my heart.

Keep writing and remember Daddy loves you !


Just getting off work, and still in uniform.. I decided to stop by Best Buy to see if my gift order was ready for pick up. As I was standing in line, I noticed an older gentleman wearing a Vietnam veteran hat standing beside him was his beautiful wife. I said to myself, they must have been together for years as she joked with him about flirting with the Best Buy associate that was probably thirty years younger than him. Jokingly, they laughed as he waved at the girl to tease his wife. Although, we get comfortable.. Get “used to” our spouses, and many military relationship don’t last. They must have went through hell together to be so happy after all these years. They were next in line as I stood patiently behind them.. And as I looked down at the very exact moment the wife looked at me, I…

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