It’s been a long while since I’ve updated my BLOG; I’ve had a number of false starts and have the ‘draft’ postings sitting uncompleted to prove it. The past weeks have been obnoxiously busy at work and extremely busy at home in the preparations for Christmas and spending time with my son’s and their family who drove down from the San Francisco/Bay Area to visit over the Christmas Holiday.

I’ve been able to sneak in a few training and maintenance runs during this time but not near the miles I should be running. Time, however, has caught up with me and I’m now only 9 days out from my first in the series of four races at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 48.6 mile Dopey Challenge. I’m at a point in my training where I’m not sure what to do. This close I’m guessing I need to take care so I plan one more 15 plus mile run and then just maintenance 5 or 8 mile runs up to January 5. As a side note; Sunday I wrenched my back playing with my two year old granddaughter Londyn, so I’m still trying to recover from that which is not helping my training any.

I’m really glad Christmas is over, I love having my family around me but I really don’t care for Christmas at all. Yes, I’m a Grinch…

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17 Responses to QuickUpdate

  1. Have a great New Year! Good luck with your upcoming races!

  2. pauldburton says:

    Too late to train much more. Suggest 12 mile long run max. Then very few miles during the week before; one three miler and one five miler at most. Good luck my friend.

  3. runrodrun says:

    I’m with Paul. Athletes need ten days for their bodies to incorporate any training benefits. At 9 days out all you’ll do by running long/intense is potentially hurt yourself.

    Rest up and have fun 😃

    • usabaker says:

      Thank you Rod! You have been a great motivator and advisor and I do appreciate all the help. I’ve been so afraid my legs will loose their memory by not running.

      • runrodrun says:

        We all have that fear. Tapering plays with the mind making us question why we are resting when it feels like we should be doing something to get ready for race day, or in your case race dayS.

        What we forget is that resting is the best thing for us to do in the final days before the big event 😃

      • usabaker says:

        exactly how I feel 🙂

  4. pauldburton says:

    I found this info about what to take with you for these races on the runners world site:

    Four races in four days. That sounds like a lot of luggage.
    December 28, 2015
    If you’ve been running for a while, you probably know what to pack in your suitcase when traveling to a race. But, what do you pack when you’re traveling to run four races?
    Here’s a start:
    Two pairs of running shoes. (Three if you have room in your suitcase.) You definitely do not want to have to put on wet shoes—from either rain or sweat—that you wore the day before.
    Four running outfits. I’d recommend doing laundry if you can, but just in case, be sure to bring four pairs of shorts, four tops, and four pairs of socks. Wearing stinky gear to the start of a race isn’t pleasant—for you or for those around you.
    Four days worth of throwaways. It will likely be chilly at the (very early) start of the races. Bring some old shirts and pants that you’re ready to get rid of in order to keep warm.
    Comfy clothes for after the races. Flip flops and T-shirts will help keep you in a relaxed state of mind while you’re recovering in between the daily races.
    Plenty of Band-Aids and Body Glide. Chafed nipples are bad when you’re running one race. But when you’re running four? Bad doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling.
    Sunscreen. Yes, it’s January. But, it’s also Florida.
    A light source. Whether this is your iPhone or a small flashlight, it’s a good idea to have something on hand to illuminate the predawn, prerace porta potties.
    Race waivers. More info on that here.
    Energy gels or chews. If you’re planning on using these during the races, it’s a good idea to bring your favorite gels and chews along from home so you don’t have to go hunting for them at the expo.
    Swimming trunks or swimsuit. Most of the hotels have a hot tub or two on the property. Spending time there between races can help your recovery process.
    Of course, there are more items you can bring, but that should be a pretty good start. If there’s something important that didn’t make this list, let us know in the forums.

    I hope it helps.

  5. 50in50marathonquest says:

    Time to ramp it way down anyway…hope you heal up and safe trip brother!

    • usabaker says:

      Good listen to the long time runners, being new to distance running I need all the advice I can get. Back is better today, I should be good for a 3 mile run just to get my legs back tomorrow; guess its time to start a walking routine. Thank You!

  6. Good luck at WDW! Happy New Year!

  7. Wow! Seems like just yesterday when you were just contemplating signing up for all this. Time to let your body recover and consolidate all your hard work – almost nothing you do in the next 7 days will make you any faster or stronger for the purposes of the race, but there’s a whole lot you could do that might jeopardise it. Just do the minimum mileage to keep the legs ticking over, and in any doubt, less is more. All the best, can’t wait to read about it and happy new year to you and your family!

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