In Route to Florida, get me out of New Jersey!

In route to Orlando, Florida. Our 2 hour layover has turned into a 3.5 hour layover and the flight times have changed. Wandering the gate area looking for sustenance I found the ‘Food Mall’ and ordered some sandwiches for my wife and I; while waiting for my order to compete I spotted a New Jersey Newspaper, I only noticed it because it has the NRA logo on the front page. I boldly stated that the NRA published a picture with two politicians that “Suggesting to shoot them”; what kind of idiocy is that? Only in New Jersey and New York would people believe that vile spew.

I guess not much has changed in New Jersey since I had the displeasure of having to work in this cesspool for a month in 2003; found nothing nice in this state, at least not between Newark and Long Island, an experience I wish to never have to relive.

There is nothing American about this socialist state there wasn’t back in 2003 and as I can see nothing now, not that California isn’t far behind them; the plane can’t get here fast enough.

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2 Responses to In Route to Florida, get me out of New Jersey!

  1. janerunswild says:

    Good luck this weekend!! Looking forward to hearing how the races go!

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