Kissimmee: Packet Pick-up for the Disney Marathon Weekend

PacketPickupBibKissimmee! The actual name of city the Disney All Stars Music Resort we are staying at during the run is. I’ve been playing with that name all day. ‘Hey, come here to Kissimmee” staring at my wife on the bus until she says “What?” – ‘Kissimmee’. Yeah, stupid I know; but hey if you don’t like it you can Kissimmee butt.

So my idea of showing up early to pick-up my runners packet, yeah not such a great idea. It was reverse of what I thought. It was absolutely insane! when I arrived there was a mass of people and for some reason my line seemed to be moving the slowest of them all. I turned and looked at the runner behind me and she knew exactly what I was thinking because she said; “I always have the same luck, I always get the slowest line.” If I would have waited maybe and hour my wait time would have been less then 5 minutes because within the hour the place was already pretty much cleared out. Besides I ended up having to wait over an hour for the other runners from my company to arrive at packet pick up; who I totally missed finding at the packet pickup because they came and left from a different location from where I was waiting. Who would have though that they would NOT have used the main exit to leave?


HP Field House location of the Dopey & Goofy Packet Pickup about an hour and one half after I got my packet.

I was lucky though because the 5 and 10K runners had to do their packet pickup in the same location as the exhibits hall which was packed the whole time. As we wandered though the exhibit hall I noticed the prices of the stuff was really not that much less then what I could buy the stuff for at our local stores most things were only 10% or 15% off retail and you can get better than that online. I was really baffled at the number of people buying shoes at the New Balance booth… didn’t know what was up with that; I didn’t bother to check it out though either so for all I know they could have been giving them away. I’m not a crowds person so really all I wanted to do is get out of there.

Exhibits hall also the same place for the 5 and 10K packet pickup

Exhibits hall also the same place for the 5 and 10K packet pickup

After picking up my Bib’s at in one line I then had to go stand in another, abet smaller line, to pickup my gEAR bag and T-Shirts… Did I say T-Shirts yeah shirts plural! I was given 6 of the things! I’ve no clue what I’ve going to do with them only one is a short sleeve and its cotton. All the rest are what seems to be 100% polyester and are long sleeve. I can’t do long sleeve and I don’t care much for 100% polyester anymore. Graphics look cool though.


Insane number of T-Shirts I was given

Was a bit drizzly today and COLD I expected 70’s F and was given 50’s F I’m really hoping its not as cold tomorrow. I’ve got to be at the shuttle by 4AM so I’ll be freezing my butt off no matter what. – Keep asking myself – what did I get myself into.

PS: Going broke just eating at the place.PacketPickupHandupbutt

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12 Responses to Kissimmee: Packet Pick-up for the Disney Marathon Weekend

  1. ha ha ha! This post had some good zingers, Bill!

  2. Enough T-shirts to cover your weekend and then some! If I’ve got the timezones right you should be just about coming up on day 1 of your challenge. Good luck!!

  3. runrodrun says:

    I find the 100% polyester dryfit to be a Godsend for wicking away sweat and staying light weight throughout my run. But I seem to recall you saying you prefer cotton in an earlier post, right? You need to move to a colder climate. I love long sleeves and the races I enter rarely give out long sleeves 😔

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