Race 1 of 4: 5K Disney Marathon Weekend

Medal5k1160520,500 is the number of participants that ran in this morning Disney World Pluto 5K. All I can call it is organized madness. I have to hand it to Disney the logistics involved in pulling off races that total 84,150 registrants is pure Disney Magic!

I noticed yesterday after I made my blog entry that it was 12 Midnight! And I had to be up at 3:30AM to get to the bus by 4:00AM. Holy crap! It took me a long time to finely get to sleep, so I got about an hour, maybe an hour and a half of sleep I figure. Time change is a killer.

I dragged my butt out of bed at 3:36AM and took care of hygiene and got suited up. I left the room at 3:50AM and did a slow run up to the bus, I was cold and I didn’t bother to bring a jacket because I didn’t see the point; I was going to freeze anyhow since I would have to check my jacket. I should have worn it and just ran with it around my waist. I got there an hour before the rest of my company so I found a spot near the beer garden tent that kept my shielded from the wind. We also had to deal with drizzle that just made it colder. I did learn allot about ways to keep warm by seeing how others were doing it.


5K Staging Area at 4:00AM

The 5K took place at the Epcot Center, staging was done in the parking lot and part of the route was inside Epcot. There were a total of 6 corrals arranged by alpha A though F best I could calculate each was released 4 minutes apart. I was supposed to be in corral “D” but our company president suggested that we all run the race together as a group so we all moved to corral “F” which was the last to leave the staging area. I really don’t think it mattered at all in what corral you started because it was near impossible to run constantly.

5Kstaging area1hour1557

Corral F 0ne half hour before race start

People would suddenly stop or cut you off; the people walking didn’t have the courtesy to keep to the right or left rather you would have to dodge and weave in a fable attempt to make it past the. Some walkers were so bad they walked in shoulder to shoulder blocking the entire path and would get mad when you asked them to make way or push though them because they we not listing to you.

At some point I got separated from our group in the mass of bodies and ending up running the last mile alone. When I got to the finish line I notice that the 5K wasn’t timed anyhow so really running served no more then keeping you warm. I was slightly disappointed I the participants lack of courtesy but then I guess that comes with running a race that seems to only serve to provide a cool Disney Finishing Medal.


5K Finish Line

The lines for the buses back to the hotels were longgggg but the line I was in seemed to move quickly and I was back at my hotel before my family was even awake.

To be totally honest, the 5k race was a joke and really a waste of time. It was great to be able to run again after fighting off the urge to do so for the past 9 days. Good news is I was able to check it off my Dopey Challenge check list; one down three to go.

I’m hoping the 10K will be far better then the 5K but if it’s the same I think I’ll just save my legs for the Half and Full Marathon and walk as fast as the mass of people all 20,400 will let me.

Good night y’all!

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7 Responses to Race 1 of 4: 5K Disney Marathon Weekend

  1. Yeh I really don’t get why every race has some of those walkers who always seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are in a running race and there are other people around who actually do want to move a little quicker. Hope tomorrow’s a bit more fun, but as you correctly note, the real crunch will be in the half and full marathons, so just take these as a bit of a warmup!

  2. runrodrun says:

    Good luck with the 10k Bill!!!

    I think being in the last corral is partly the culprit for what you experienced. You’re gonna get a lot of walkers back there and many people who have never raced before and so are not familiar with usual racing etiquette.

    That being said, I hace constantly told that people don’t go to Disney to “race”. That instead it’s about the Disney experience. People have been known to walk, stop for photos, and wait 30+ minutes in the middle of the race in order to pose with a favourite Disney character.

    • usabaker says:

      You are right about that, guess I just had a hard time wrapping my head around a run that’s not like a run. Last corral may have but I doubt it some of the C runners on the buss back were commenting on the same thing. The 10 worked out well on to the Half!!! So excited!

  3. my26pointtwo says:

    It is just great that you are underway. not being able to let loose in the 5k may be a blessing in disguise as you get into the longer runs. Good luck with the 10k!!! 😊

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