Race 2 of 4: 10K Disney Marathon Weekend

10Kmedal20,400 is the number of participants that ran in this morning in the Disney World 10K, 100 less then yesterday. Just like Britney Spears, ‘Oops I did it again’ and didn’t get to bed until after midnight BECAUSE once again I was updating my blog.

Up at 3:30AM and stepped out my door at 3:55AM and found that it was raining at which point I went back into the room to retrieve the emergency rain poncho I bought before leaving San Diego.


4AM at the 10K

I also wore a light running jacket this time so I didn’t freeze quite as much as I did before and after the 5K. Worked out so well I plan to do the same for the half marathon tomorrow; it’s light enough to keep me warm and thin enough to tie around my waist when I start to heat up.


Rain Rain Rain 4AM

Like the 5K there was corrals A though F this time however, for those who were able, the group decided to run out of corral B the rest of us ran out of group E so were didn’t experience as much of what we experienced in the 5K. We all wanted to run at a nice pace, the stop and go stuff was no fun at all yesterday.

For the most part running out of corral B allowed us to run but not always steady I found that I still had to do allot of weaving in, out, and around people the entire 10K because of walkers and runners who I’m obviously shouldn’t have been in the B group as you could see they were struggling. From what I saw it would have to be that Disney doesn’t verify the submitted times of the runner. B should be people running at least 8 minute miles and we were passing them at an 11 minute pace, which was slower then my training pace.

Even with the weaving we were able to maintain a steady pace except at areas that were bottle necks like at the hair pin turns, where the street fed into the park and on the hills; here we didn’t have a choice as we couldn’t get though the masses of people.

It rained the whole race, sometimes harder than other times. I removed my rain poncho in the first mile of the run and removed my running jacket and tied it around my waste at mile 4. I had to stop to use the restroom at mile 4 as well and then had to run like hell to catch back up to my group; I had to run two hills to get back to them but I love running hills so that wasn’t a problem. I caught them way before mile 5 and it felt so good to back down to the 10/11 minute pace. We crossed the finish line according to my running app at 6.35 miles in 01:08:40 with an average pace of 10:49/mile Disney clocked us at 01:08:32 Pace 11:02. Still have my legs for tomorrow IT FELT SO GREAT TO RUN AGAIN!!!! I missed it so much.

Half Marathon tomorrow!


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9 Responses to Race 2 of 4: 10K Disney Marathon Weekend

  1. janerunswild says:

    Wow, great job out there despite the weather! Good luck tomorrow! Looking forward to hearing how that and Sunday’s marathon go!

    • usabaker says:

      When I was running the rain didn’t bother me; come to think of it I can’t even remember it raining on me but it did I was soaked- can’t wait for the half 🙂

  2. Great job in the run! I wish you the best of luck with the 1/2 tomorrow!! Hopefully the weather will be a little better

  3. pauldburton says:

    Good stuff. Get some sleep tonight!

  4. runrodrun says:

    Way to go Bill! Rest up. The fun is just about to begin.

  5. my26pointtwo says:

    Two down, two to go. 😋
    Ok maybe not quite halfway there but going strong anyway. Good luck tomorrow!!!!!

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