Race 3 of 4: Half Marathon – Disney Marathon Weekend

HalfMedal47,500 participants that ran in this morning in the Disney World Half Marathon. I have never seen so many people in one place. It was truly an amazing site.

Weather was so much better when I left the room this morning; it was foggy with almost no wind. I did take my light jacket again with me again just because I knew I’d chill after the race if I didn’t have something; I learned from my mistakes in the 5 and 10K races.

On the bus at 4:00AM and at the staging area by 4:30AM at Epcot. I waited for the rest of our group and one all arrived we made our way to corrals. Everyone split up this time me and Lee the President of the company, headed off to corral I by the time we got that corrals A, B, C, and D had already launched. The line was moving quicker then any of the other races and we latterly had to run to get to out corral.


Corral “I “was already forward to”F” by the time we got there

We got across the start line at 6.06AM 35:30 minutes after the Gun Start. The race went pretty much the same as the 10K. We were weaving in and out of people in an effort to find a spot where we could hold a decent pace; that didn’t actually happen until mile 8.

I had planned to run at a 12 minute pace and to walk here and there but that really didn’t happen. My boss is so friggen fast that his ‘slow’ pace was 9’s and it wasn’t until mile 3 until I decided to drop back to 10’s. I was interesting to run past people from corrals that left before yours; you could always tell because you would emerge from a crowd into a null where you could pace with little traffic in your way between corrals and then catch up to the corral before that one and have to weed yourself through people again. There were High School Bands playing music along the way which was really cool. I tried to thank people and staff for their support as much as I could along the route.

I almost rolled my ankle at mile 5 because I had to do allot of my running off the pavement in the grass and dirt, and nearly rolled it on the edge of the pavement. Was for the first few miles like doing a trail run.


Half Start

Corral ready to Start the Race

Mile 01 – 09:40
02 – 09:46
03 – 10:07
04 – 10:46
05 – 10:49
06 – 10:52
07 – 09:55

08 – 10:23
09 – 10:27
10 – 10:42
11 – 10:35
12 – 10:40
13 – 10:11
13.4 – 10:10
I couldn’t get myself to stop running; I just can’t seem to do it except to pee and to grab liquids at the stations. I’m regretting the pace I ran and not walking at all. I know that I will pay dearly for this in the Marathon tomorrow. I think I’m going to run 14’s and walk tomorrow I feel pretty burned out right now.

We entered Disney’s Magic Kingdom park at about 5.250 miles. Running up main street USA there were allot of spectators which was a surprise, I nice one. We exited the park at about 5.75 miles I almost took my first spill; out of nowhere this runner suddenly turned right and ran across me and another runner’s path because she wanted to get a paper towel or something from a staff person standing at the edge of the race path. I instinctively yelled “Holy Shit, what the F&%K” and I tried to keep from colliding nearly falling, the runner near me said; I was thinking the same thing.

MainstWe exited the park at about 6.5 miles and we back out on the streets. At mile 11 we had 3 hills to deal with which I just loved! All the hill training paid off. At 11.5 miles there was a hair pin turn that I didn’t go wide enough and felt a little strain in the ankle which had me limping for awhile until it worked itself out. At about 12.5 we re-entered Epcot racing though it to the finish line in the parking a lot.

I felt so good at the end was glad it was over… According to my running app I did the race at 13.35 miles in 02:19:48 with an average pace of 10:29/mile Disney clocked me at 02:20:48 Pace 10:45.


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15 Responses to Race 3 of 4: Half Marathon – Disney Marathon Weekend

  1. pauldburton says:

    Good stuff. Keep it up. Take it slow and sensible. Run for yourself if you want to finish…

  2. my26pointtwo says:

    You are amazing. Get to the start, get to the finish. That’s all you have to do. I hope you are not feeling too tired. The excitement of tomorrow will carry you through. Just start very steady and leave something for the second half.

  3. Congratulations on the half!! Best of luck with the full marathon today!! It’s been fun keeping up with all your races during this challenge.

  4. That’s a decent half marathon time especially given the circumstances. 36km down, 42 to go – smash it out of the park!

  5. ABCofRunning says:

    Well done!and good luck with the marathon! Looking forward to hearing all about it

  6. Hope the full marathon went well

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