Race 4 of 4: Marathon – Disney Marathon Weekend

Mile 22 medical issues took a phycological toll. Like the half marathon there were 47,500 participants that ran in this morning. I was better mentally prepared for the race and the corralling process, or so I thought.

Weather was perfect the morning of the race; I considered not taking my jacket but did anyhow because the weather in Florida seems to change by the minute.

On the bus at 4:00AM and at the staging area by 4:45AM at Epcot. Traffic was really bad this morning and the bus that the rest of my co-workers were on was a bit late getting in. By the time we all started the half mile walk to the corrals the first corrals were starting the run. Our two fastest runners headed off to their corrals while the three of us head to ours. We needed to get into corral “I” which by now was at the “G” corral marker but the staff person wouldn’t let us enter and pointed us to the “I” corral marker. We had to fight the crowds to get in that corral which was now really corral “K” runners.

We got across the start line at 6.06AM 35:30 minutes after the Gun Start. The race went pretty much the same as the all the other races we ran this week, but unlike the other races there were allot more narrow and bottle neck paths that made it almost impossible to hold a steady pace. I was also paying for not taking it easy in the 10K and Half Marathon my body was worn-out and I could feel it the whole race.

I really had no plan other then to stay with our group this time and run the pace we all agreed on. The problem was that there were so many people blocking our path it was hard to stay together and it caused us to have to modify our personal running styles and so by mile 2; we were running only occasionally with each other even though we were only about a minute apart the whole race; that is except for me and Aaron we stayed together the entire race which would be a key factor in me finishing after mile 22. Aaron and I decided to try and maintain a pace between 13 and 14 minutes per mile which we did for the most part if you take into account the time we wasted stopping to take pictures of things, Goats, and with Disney characters.

Mile  – Time
01 – 12:49     14 – 13:44
02 – 12:49     15 – 11:50
03 – 11:44     16 – 11:46
04 – 12:47     17 – 13:38
05 – 13:01     18 – 12:29
06 – 11:53     19 – 12:40
07 – 12:06    20 – 12:06
08 – 11:57     21 – 12:28
09 – 12:33     22 – 11:25
10 – 13:33     23 – 13:44
11 – 12:54     24 – 13:07
12 – 14:14     25 – 11:47
13 – 13:06     26 – 11:37
26.9 – 11:52

It was interesting that we had to weave in and out so much it added .58 miles onto the total distance we ran. I also noticed having to weave in and out and come to abrupt stops because of people stopping without warning, causes you to use muscle groups that are not normally used as much. I’m sore places I’ve never been sore before.

We ran from the Epcot staging area out to the streets taking us to Magic Kingdom, through Magic Kingdom, back into the streets to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

It was at mile 22 just before Disney’s Hollywood Studios; I noticed that my hands and wrists were swollen, closing my hand felt tight. I had never had this happen to me before and to be honest it really started to mess with my mind. I slowed down, I was contemplating on what to do about it; I was so close to the finish line at this point there was no way I wanted to drop out of the race or even stop at the aid station for fear they would pull me out. You can see in my splits I caused Aaron and me to slow by a minute.

I told Aaron about it and he ask me a bunch of questions and assured me I was okay, which was reassuring but I could see he was concerned because he kept asking me if I was okay and was obviously holding back from running at a faster pace. Mile 25 I just said screw it and ran, I was not going to quit now not 2 miles from the finish. We travel the rest of the route which was though Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s Park, then to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

espntrack I gotta tell you I think running in the ESPN complex was my favorite part of the run; even though I was still freaked out about the swelling.  The ESPN complex is HUGE! we got to run though allot of exciting areas but the ones that were most memorable is the New Balance Track and Field Complex here we ran almost the whole track which was my first time running on synthetic it really felt good on the feet and legs beside Goofy was there!

espnballfieldIt was then on to the Champion Stadium; if you ever do this race and bring people to watch you this is the place you should have them go. The spectators get to sit in the stands as the runners round the entire stadium. The runners are shown on this giant screen as they round home plate; You never know how big the stadium is until you are on the field.

Once out of the ESPN complex you run though a resort area that is on the way to back to the Epcot center were the race began. At this part of the run spectators line the boardwalk offering among other things Beer shots, Margaritas, Candy and French Fry’s. I found this amusing and even more amusing that people we stopping for bear shots. and back though Epcot center into the parking lot where the finish line was.

mile26I was never so glad to be at a finish line. Aaron and I waited for our company President who was just a little behind us because he had to stop to take care of a blister. We had to ‘pretend’ that we were trying to recover because the staff kept trying to kick us out of the area we were waiting. According to my running app I did the race at 26.59 miles in 06:06:47 with an average pace of 12:46/mile Disney clocked me at 06:02:56 Pace 13:51.

This was my first ever Marathon and I’m thinking the numbers are fine considering we had run the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon in the 3 days preceding and the fact that we stopped to take pictures with Goats and the like quite a few times. I guess now I’ll have to run a non ‘the experience’ marathon to see what time I can really run one in. I’m still not sure what the swelling was about; but I will have to find out before I try another Marathon.

Here are some pictures from the race!

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23 Responses to Race 4 of 4: Marathon – Disney Marathon Weekend

  1. MannyRuns says:

    That must’ve been an amazing marathon!

  2. my26pointtwo says:

    You must be feeling amazingly proud today. And probably just a little sore :-P. It cant be overstated what an incredible achievement this is. Well done Bill, every other run you do this year will be a breeze in comparison. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and well earned break! I for one have thoroughly enjoyed your journey to this event and checking on your progress each day. It gives me a great feeling of inspiration and admiration.

    • usabaker says:

      I really appreciate all the support, advice and kind word you have given me though this entire evolution. Now I’m at a point I don’t know what to do with myself.. It’s like I’ve lost a little something now that the race is over. …

      • my26pointtwo says:

        Any advice I can offer you is long gone now. You are a far more experienced runner than me at this point and have achieved a huge amount. Just enjoy the after glow of success. No need to rush yourself!

  3. pauldburton says:

    Well done, Bill. I have to admit that I did go online and start checking your results from about hour five… I was happy to see when you finished. An incredible achievement, sir. Don’t forget to try a few short runs over the coming days as they will help your muscles loosen up. Make sure you get plenty of electrolytes too. Congrats.

    • usabaker says:

      Paul You have been fantastic though this whole evolution! It was like having a personal coach and I really appreciate you pushing me on my mileage it made all the difference on this race. I met a couple runners who didn’t make the cut off and both are people who didn’t train for the Dopey Challenge and they paid in seconds for it. So your advice was dead on. Now I don’t know what to do with myself LOL.. I have to admit though I don’t feel as accomplished as I should because I still don’t know how well I could really do on a Marathon. I didn’t push myself as much as a could have, I walked more then I should have and I messed around allot taking pictures.

      Thank you again!

      • pauldburton says:

        Kind words, Bill. Thanks. Wait a week or so before you look to set another running goal. Watch your recovery closely. Don’t punch holes in your achievement. You ran a lot MORE than a marathon.

  4. 50in50marathonquest says:

    Congrats on an awesome achievement…that is some way to get the first marathon done. Enjoy the downtime and rest up. Great job brother!

  5. runrodrun says:

    Big big congrats Bill!

    Rest up and savour your achievements. You deserve it.

    The feeling of “Now what?” is very common after a big event. Happens to Olympians and happens to us mortals too.

    When the time is right you’ll know what’s next. For now, enjoy your moment 😃

    • usabaker says:

      Rod, you were a big part in helping me complete this goal. Its like I had multiple personal trainers from or the blog community. All the help and advice you made the goal easy to attain; I had no shin splint issues at all and my legs felt good after the run. I was sore mostly inner thigh muscles

      I got sick after the marathon; I think I ate some under cooked poultry. So 1:30 am I woke up with stomach cramps and feeling nauseous. My stomach is still upset or I think I would be doing some short runs already.
      Thank you everything!

  6. Well done mate, you’ve just put in 78km over four consecutive days, and finished it off with a marathon no less! Time to bask in the satisfaction and take a well deserved rest. Don’t worry about what comes next, I’m sure we’ll be reading about it soon enough.

    • usabaker says:

      Thank you and as I’ve to Rod, Paul and the others you were a big part of my success in this adventure. Without you guys I don’t think it would have gone as smooth and I wouldn’t feel as well as I did at the finish. Its so great to have a community like the one I have with all of you. I am truly thankful for that. 🙂

      • And thank you for sharing your journey with us. It’s something about running and runners. Its one of those rare sports where everyone is really supportive. I think we also just get really encouraged by seeing others succeed and enjoy their running experience. Congrats again!

      • usabaker says:

        I love the running community! I did notice people weren’t as friendly at this Disney run as they are at the local runs I attended. I really had to work to strike up conversations with people.

      • That’s true of the larger road races, partly because you tend to get a lot of people who are there just to tick something off their bucket list, or have the headphones on. Don’t get me wrong, friendly runners are probably still in the mix, just harder to find in the crowd. Should you tinker down the trail running path in future, particularly if you dabble in the ultra distance events, I do suspect that you may find there is a whole new level of friendly. I’ve yet to attend a trail race where I didn’t make a new friend along the way!

      • usabaker says:

        I plan to do more Trail and Road this year, I got hooked on the 1/2 Marathon trail run I did last year.

  7. usabaker says:

    More Trial than Road I mean

  8. Awesome accomplishment!!!
    My hands swell a little sometimes on the long runs when I have them in a lower position. I found once I raised them I became more relaxed and the swelling went down.

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