Running: Questions afoot.

impatient-think-question-lookI’ve learned so much since I started running, even things about myself.  I’ve managed, with the help of others, to find ways of doing stuff that works for me and my age which has been a major thing!  and since I’ve completed the Dopey Challenge I’ve started too write what worked for me and will be posting a series called Running After 50.

But it seems the more I learn the more I don’t know, there seems to be always something. Questions linger about our sport some little and mundane, some much larger. Like these;

  1. If you should drink 4 to 6 oz every 20 minutes during a race, how much should you drink during a race where it’s high humidity like in the Philippines or Thailand. I’ve not really found a good answer for this most just say ‘more’.
  2. Why do people cheat at races that they have paid to enter? It boggles the mind! I’ve seen it happen on the small venue 5K’s and on trail runs; but never realized at the scale it happens until I found the cheatRunDisney blog. This blogger does a great job of exposing these cheatin’ cretin’s. But why… so stupid…
  3. What is the etiquette for farting during a race? I’ve master the art of running and farting, that’s what us old people do; yeah.. just admit it oldie… you know you do it.
  4. Do people really run in virtual races? Like this  Make YES! Happen Route 66 Race the medal looks cool and its tempting.
  5. What is too much running at what point do the benefits diminish? Man this one is so controversial that you go cross eye’ed reading all the pro and con information.
  6. Why do I spend so much time trying to figure out what shoes I want to run in each day. Brooks Ravenna 5 or Sauconey Cohesion 7’s ack… the choices….
  7. Bandaids or Body Glide?
  8. What do you do with all these finisher medals? The peg in my closet is getting full and I’ve no clue what to do with all of them.


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8 Responses to Running: Questions afoot.

  1. pauldburton says:

    In order:
    1) slightly more but as more regular small sips. You don’t want to end up with larger amounts sloshing around. Better yet, train in that humidity and then your body will adjust.
    2) because they may not be able to finish otherwise; for the thrill of it; to get traffic to their blog? Delete as applicable.
    3) no etiquette required, just be very wary of follow through, especially if dehydrated. Having had this happen twice in my running career I can safely say that running with crap in your shorts (or coming down your leg) is nasty. Especially when you have to run back through a populated area or have to drive home!
    4) occasionally, if they fit into my training plan.
    5) personally I see that the benefits start to fall off once my friends get beyond half marathon training. Often the injuries occur during marathon prep… But again, it all depends on how you feed and train.
    6) no idea. I have several pairs but all at different points in their mileage lifecycle. I try to keep them about 150 miles apart so that I always have access to some fresh soles and don’t put my knees at risk by constantly running on a tired platform.
    7) band aids for cuts. Body glide for nips and thighs/crotch. Some careful body hair trimming is also required to minimise chafing and I tend to do this two weeks before a race to ensure the cut hair has time to soften before you run a stupid long distance.
    8) there are many medal hangers available so you can put them on display. Alternatively you can donate them to hospitals and charities who will give them to kids as rewards for going through difficult surgeries. There is also one company that will make bags out of the medal ribbons… So many choices.

    • pauldburton says:

      And, yes, some of those do fall into the TMI category, but you did ask.

    • usabaker says:

      Thanks for the reply! When I ran in the Philippines the humidity tore me up but I couldn’t seem to get the water intake right. I think I was running behind someone during the Marathon who mistook crap for gas and smelled like a$$ LOL… It was quite potent.

      All the training you helpped me with has changed how my body reacts to distance. I find that even at 10K I don’t fell that I ran enough. For instance, I did three post marathon runs Sunday 10K, Wend 10K and Fri 13K and my body didn’t really feel it. Even after each race – 5k, 10k and Half, I found myself running from the bus to my room. So I’m really not sure where my limits are at this point, or if i’m running at a point where the benefits are diminishing. It’s feel odd to feel this way. Maybe my body is not use to the lower tempo now that I’m not training for the run. I am running much more relaxed again – even though I have that Triathlon coming up in April.

  2. Brittany says:

    I always fart while running, and the only etiquette I follow is to make sure no one is directly behind me. This only happens in a race of course, so when I’m running alone I let them fly. It’s a shame people try to cheat in races, I couldn’t mentally do that because I’m too OCD and must finish all the miles. Plus it’s just wrong! I hang my medals on my wall. I made a plaque for them a while ago, but never use it.

  3. Interestingly enough, the answer to every single one of your questions can be quite personal and may vary by individual. In response to your last one though, I saw this really cool wind chime / door chime made of race medals and a coat hanger on some random YouTube video a while back, and have been thinking of making one ever since!

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