Kiddie Legs

I had forgotten my 8 and then 9 year old son ran three races last year two 5K’s and a 1K.  Maybe because the Bubble Run was so fun I just didn’t think of it as a run.  He got soured on running when he did the 5K Joggin’ for FROGMAN run last July because they didn’t start the race until after 9am and it was HOT! After that he didn’t want to run anymore races with me.

Well I finely got around to framing his Bubble Run shirt and the medals from his runs and hung it in his room. He was really happy when I saw it so I’m hoping that it will get him thinking about running again. – Yes I know I spelled Frogman Wrong. I’ve reprinted that picture….


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3 Responses to Kiddie Legs

  1. A wonderful way to preserve some precious memories and moments. Here’s hoping he does lace up his runners again soon!

  2. my26pointtwo says:

    Wonderful memories. Plenty more to come in the future I am sure.

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