Resting Heart Rate

health030Found out what my resting heart rate was on Monday morning; but it was the worse way to find out ever.

Sunday my chest started hurting, it got progressively worse as the night went on. All night and a combination of the pain and being anxious about the chest pain kept me from sleeping.

When morning came I went on as normal so as not to concern my wife and got my son up, dressed, fed and to school, then I drove myself to Urgent Care.

I was lucky because Urgent Care was not spilling over with people from the weekend and I was only third in line to be seen. After the normal weigh in and vitals I was ushered into the exam room where I waited a short time for the doctor to come.

I was lucky to get Dr. Blake, a doctor that I have seen before and like very much. He remembered me as well, which was a plus. After a number of questions, he checked me out and told me he didn?t believe that I was having a heart issue but to be sure he was ordering a blood test, chest x-ray and EKG.

In about 2 hours all of the results were in and Dr. Blake told me everything came up negative, except that my resting heart rate was really low; reading 55bpm. He then said ?But it better then a high one? with a sort of concerned look and then laughed saying ?but it?s a heart rate I would expect from a runner, it shows you have a healthy heart?

He told me that because I was still coughing from the throat cold I had two weeks back and the fact that I was doing construction lifting heavy materials; that I strained the muscles in my chest. I was discharged tired from lack of sleep, but relieved and best of all with a resting heart rate of 55bpm.


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9 Responses to Resting Heart Rate

  1. my26pointtwo says:

    Sounds like quite a scary experience. I am glad you managed to get some reassurance from a professional. Take it easy for while!

    • usabaker says:

      I didn’t really think it was a heart thing, I’d run 13 miles on Saturday but there was that “What if”, what if it is a heart issues, what if its worse… get me every-time 🙂 ran a fast 3 miles the day after and then a 7 miles after that LOL

  2. There’s confirmation that you are fit! Those elite athletes have resting heart rates in the 30s. That’s like nearly one beat every two seconds. It’s actually also a handy thing to monitor. If your resting heart rate gets elevated for a few days it’s a good sign to take a break and avoid over training.

    • usabaker says:

      Ahhh… thats what you do with that data! I was wondering what use knowing was. I’ve miss place my heart monitor; I know it was in my room but I fear Leprechun may have stolen it

  3. Brittany says:

    GLAD you are OK, and now you have this fun fact!!

  4. What a scary experience! But after getting all those tests done it must be reassuring to know that everything is healthy.

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